seo for psychologists

SEO for psychologists

Most people begin their search for a psychologist or therapist on Google.

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Your industry isn’t really one that people, especially the British, feel too comfortable discussing. Unfortunately, unless your clients are particularly open, this does leave you reliant on online marketing. Our expert team offer specialised SEO for psychologists, click below to see the many ways in which we can help. . 

SEO Services

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Technical SEO

This is an expertise we are proud to have in house. It covers everything from sitemaps to keyword research to meta tags to JavaScript indexing and much more.When your site is with us, it’s in trusted hands.

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Linking Strategy

Our in house PR departments works closely with the SEO team to ensure high quality valuable links pointing to your website from trusted sources. Using an organic mix of follow, no follow, and mentions; we know exactly how to rank your site.

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Content Marketing

You have probably heard the phrase, content is king. Our content team ensure that quality content is regularly posted on your site and social channels; fully optimising your pages for best results.


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We are experts in all SEO, not just SEO for psychologists and therapists. We promise the best results, at the best price.