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Our agency specialises in SEO in Chelmsford, Essex. We are based locally and know the area well, in fact all of us live either in or around the area. No matter where you are in Essex, our SEO team will be able to help you climb the Google rankings. 

Why use our Chelmsford SEO agency?

VerriBerri can help you climb the rankings in search engines like Google to get ahead of your competitors. Potential customers are looking for your service or product every day and it’s imperative that you get to the top. Why? So you are the first person that they see in their search! An experienced SEO agency will devise a strategy that will not only mean that more people find your website on Google, and other search engines, but will also optimise pages on your site in order to increase conversions and generate more sales; thereby increasing your income. 

Why do you need an agency?

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Technically you don’t. If you have the available time on your hands, or the skillset within your team, you can manage your own SEO. In fact, we have clients that have an inhouse marketing manager or SEO specialist, for example. When this is the case, we offer a consultancy service rather than acting as a full-service agency. This means that you can simply purchase a block of hours each month and use them as best fits your business. This is usually either filling the gaps where someone lacks expertise; or being a second pair of hands when time restrictions limit the regularity your team can work on your website. As we all know, consistency is vital when you are working alongside Google! 

However, there are a multitude of people who lack the time, skill set, or just inclination to work on their own SEO. This is where we come into the fore. We can manage the whole process for you in a cost-effective manner; where you allocate your own monthly budget and we work as much as we can up to, but never exceeding, this limit.

Our team have years of experience both in the technical aspects of SEO, and the copywriting element. This means we will provide you with a well-rounded service that will see your brand make significant progress in a relatively short period of time. After all, in terms of sales, every day you are not working on your SEO is a day wasted!

How do I choose a great SEO agency? 

When looking for SEO in Chelmsford, or further afield, we would insist you spend some time carrying out some background research on the company you are intending to partner with. 

This should include looking at their reviews online. (Click here to see ours!) Additionally, make sure that you ask them for a client or two that you can chat to. If the company are at the standard that they are selling you; they won’t mind handing over a phone number or two so you can check that they really are doing a fantastic job. 

Furthermore, take a look at their own website. Is it up to date and are they following Google’s recommended practices themselves? If you are intending to work with a company, they have no doubt sold you the dream. You need to make sure this is achievable and not a pie in the sky concept that will cost you your hard-earned profit. As such, look at what they are carrying out themselves. 

How to tell if an agency is proficient in SEO in Chelmsford. 

Are they being featured?

Google the company and click on the ‘news’ tab on Google. Are they being featured in the press? If not, that’s an immediate problem. A fantastic way to increase your Google rankings and online credibility is to earn links and mentions from reputable sources. I cannot stress enough how valuable this is to a solid SEO strategy. If they are not, then they are not capable of doing this for you either. After all, if they are telling you their SEO is effective, they would be doing the same in order to make more money too! If you want to find out more about link building, just click here. 

Are they knowledgeable?

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Next, take a look at the blog or news tab of the website. Are they regularly posting informative information? The key here is twofold. First you need to identify regular. The jury is out on the frequency of content production. Our SEO agency in Chelmsford post daily. We understand the importance of regular posting. However, you should not dismiss someone who is posting less frequently; providing you can see a minimum of 4 blogs a month and they are evenly spaced out. Not only is this a green light to Google, but it shows that they have implemented an SEO strategy and are not treating it as an afterthought. 

Additionally, take a look at the content and length of the blogs themselves. Each one should be a minimum of 1,000 words and they should be well structured. 

As far as Google are concerned; to rank your website you should show E-A-T; Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. This means every blog or page created should show that they know what they are taking about, so much so that it will be a piece that they can talk about for a significant period – i.e 1,000 words! 

Do people like them?

Now look at their social media channels. Although they are not an entirely direct SEO attribute, they do count. If search engines like Google can see that you are popular; the assumption has to be made that they have something to say that is of interest to the masses. This would not be the case if they did not have expertise, the cornerstone of the aforementioned E-A-T. Avoid a company with an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page that have followers in the hundreds rather than thousands. Even worse, avoid a page with thousands of followers and very few likes, as this shows that they have bought their popularity on an unscrupulous website! 

Additionally, take a look at LinkedIn. It’s really easy to tell if someone is legitimate by the followers and engagement they have, the strength of their profile, and if they are sharing relevant content. It’s important to note here, that LinkedIn is a different beast, so don’t expect thousands of followers on this platform. This statement is relevant to company pages not personal profiles!. 

Contact Us. 

We know it can be tiresome researching a company, but we promise you it’s worth it! Just a ten-minute Google search can tell you if the person or company you are contacting are is going to be capable of doing a good job for you, or just taking your money. 

Please do not even phone or email anyone without carrying out your due diligence. If you are looking for SEO in Chelmsford; have carried out your research, and would like some help; then get in touch with our expert team here at VerriBerri. We would love to help you grow your business no matter where you are in Essex. JUST CLICK HERE.