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If you’re a company looking for SEO in Essex, then look no further. VerriBerri are an award-winning agency specialising in boosting the Google ranking of our clients. We work alongside companies in a range of industries all the way from fashion and lifestyle to construction and financial technology. We truly have left no stone unturned when it comes to the sector experience we have acquired. This means we are able to achieve above your expectations on every occasion.

Why You Should Utilise SEO in Essex Specialists Over Doing It Yourself:

SEO is one of those things that many people struggle to get to grips with. The consistent updates to the Google algorithm make it feel impossible to keep up. In order for your ranking to be the best it possibly can, the way you work needs to evolve too. As an agency, it is our job to study the changes Google puts out. If you were to hire someone inhouse to manage your SEO, you will need to pay for the time it takes for them to retrain. By choosing an agency like ourselves, you simply pay for the time we spend on your website. This often makes us a much more cost-efficient option ensuring the best ROI possible for you.

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In addition, SEO is one of those things that is never advisable to attempt yourself. Through the years, we have seen many clients with damaged websites and poor rankings. This is usually because they have attempted to do things themselves with little background knowledge. Undoing this work takes time. Sometimes, it is better to outsource this workload to SEO in Essex specialists so this can be avoided. 

Why Google Indexes Your Site

In order to do well and attract customers, you need to provide a good or service that is useful. Given just how much information is on the internet, you would never be able to find the right answer to your question without the help of the algorithm. The Google algorithm is essentially a set of guidelines that have been constructed to enable an optimum service for the consumer. It involves a range of techniques that indicate to Google what your information is about and its usefulness. The more boxes you tick, the higher you are valued in the eyes of Google. This includes things such as load speed, readability of content, and back linking. 

What We Do

SEO involves a whole range of different technical processes as well as some more creative ones. This means you need quite a diverse team to tackle the job. Our team of 18 have lots of different skills that all come together to make the perfect blend. 

The most common areas of SEO you need to consider can be split between on-site factors and off-site factors. Let’s explore them in more detail:

Why You Need a Blog

Blogs and landing pages fall into the category of content creation which is an on-site SEO factor. This simply refers to something you are actively doing within your website to boost your ranking. When writing content, you’re going to cover questions that people may ask. By featuring keywords within your articles, you are signalling to Google what topic you are covering. The two come together and the better your content is, the more likely you are to show to consumers. For example, the keyword for this blog is ‘SEO in Essex’ meaning we are increasing our chances of showing when people search this phrase. 

You may be wondering how you can make your content optimised however. This is where readability comes into the mix. In order to keep people engaged with your writing, you need to keep your sentences short. The algorithm insists that no more than 20% of your sentences should be above 20 words. To add, this is much easier said than done. 

Search Engine Optimisation in Essex

On top of this, you also need to consider things such as formatting. Every piece of content should include headings and subheadings. These are great simply for breaking up the information. Furthermore, where appropriate, bullet points can be a great way to make your blogs more fun. 

Whilst there is little evidence to show grammar has a direct impact on your SEO value, it can increase your bounce rate. Spelling things wrong makes you appear unprofessional and lazy. This puts people off and means they’re more likely to leave your site after only viewing one page.

The higher your bounce rate, the more this showcases to Google that you’re not who they should be promoting. This is dangerous territory and can seriously affect your ranking. It’s important that anything you put out there reflects your company in the best light and is thoroughly proofread. Something else that can be time-consuming. 

Behind the Scenes

Whilst content may be quite a creative aspect of SEO, we then venture into the realms of the more technical side. Back-end optimisation is just as crucial to your SEO value as any other aspect. Despite this, difficulty and back-end optimisation are joined at the hip. This means it’s no easy ride for anyone, even SEO in Essex specialists.

Living in such a fast-paced society has bred a generation of impatient beings. Whether we like to admit it or not, we get frustrated when things refuse to load quickly or properly. If your site is lacking in terms of speed, this is going to make you far less desirable to Google. Moreover, this will also affect your bounce rate. 

Similarly, it’s old hat for a website not to be optimised for viewing on mobile devices. Search engines tend to steer clear of promoting sites that cannot be viewed on phones. Other things to consider include compressing image sizes, building meta-descriptions and implementing alt-tags. 

How Other Marketing Aspects Play Their Part

Social media is a huge part of everything we do. In fact, it intertwines itself amongst both PR and SEO. Building your online presence and gaining a decent following helps you appear as experts in your field. What’s more, you’ll also appear as authoritative and someone Google can trust to promote. With this in mind, you’re more likely to quickly scale up the SERP.

When working collaboratively with influencers on social media or being featured in an online article, you’re going to gain back links. This is where another site links back to yours. If an established and trusted source is willing to put their reputation on the line by promoting you, you must be good at what you do. This reflects you in a good light to Google meaning they’re more likely to suggest your content to their users. You do however need to be weary of spammy or harmful back links. Links from untrusted or dodgy sources can have the reverse effect.

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