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Getting The Most From Your SEO In Essex

SEO is a constantly evolving discipline, one borne out of necessity and opportunity. People seem to assign it a mystery of sorts; as if it’s something that cannot be worked out, that it works how it wants to work. Whilst it’s true that SEO work is very much impingent on what Google’s latest algorithm changes, there are always things you can do to further your website’s SEO value. This is the remit of an agency offering SEO in Essex; to work on the things within their control as opposed to that entirely in the hands of Google. The team here at VerriBerri are keen to lift that shroud and shed some light on what you can do to help boost your website.

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

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But the keyboard is mightier than the pen… Whatever your company is, whatever form of product or service you provide, you will benefit from implementing a blog page within your website. Even if you don’t consider yourself a Billy Shakes when it comes to writing; so long as the enthusiasm is there there’s no reason why you can’t write engaging copy. There’s a whole range of grammar and spelling tools out there at your disposal so you needn’t worry about this either. Not only do blog posts help show your expertise and authority within your chosen field, they’re fantastic for SEO purposes. More than anything else, Google values quality content. If your website is continuously churning out content that Google thinks displays ExpertiseAuthority and Trustworthiness then you’ll get a big SEO boost from it.

Further to that, blogs enable you to tactfully shoehorn in those keywords that you want to be ranking highly for. Over time, a concerted approach regularly placing keywords within your text will see your website climb through the rankings for those particular key phrases. The reason that many people struggle to make any sort of headway with SEO is because they fail to exercise any patience towards the task. They expect to see instant results in the way that you would with pay per click advertising (PPC). If you think you really would struggle with writing a blog post, then don’t worry. An agency offering SEO in Essex has a team of eager writers at their disposal who love nothing more than to get their teeth stuck into a blog!

What A Back-End!

No, we’re not being in appropriate you dirty minded readers, we’re referring to the back-end of a website of course. Specifically, we’re talking about what you can do to optimise your website for better SEO value. Firstly, always look to host your website with an SEO-friendly platform such as WordPress. Platforms like this make it very easy for even the layperson to optimise their site with SEO in mind.

Following that, you can install what are known as plugins such as Yoast. This is a tool that you implement into the back-end of your website that helps with your SEO processes. It will, for example, give you a traffic light colour system when writing a blog for both SEO and Readability. If your blog comes up as red or orange rather than green, it will offer you information on how to remedy it for better SEO value. Companies such as Yoast understand what a minefield SEO can be to the average person, and they’ve done their level best to help as much as they can.

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Other things you can do in the back-end of your website include: making sure all your images are compressed down, making sure they have appropriate alt-tags attributed. You can write meta descriptions so that your posts and pages look better outwardly on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). You should also use one of the many free link-checking tools online to ensure that your website has no dead or broken links, something which drastically damages your website’s SEO value. Just like with blog-writing, SEO work most of the time is simply a case of continual tinkering and fine-tuning, and then the occasional more major change in line with significant algorithm changes.

Keeping Updated

One thing that SEO experts and beginners have in common is the fact that they have very little control in the grand scheme of things with how their website performs. If Google wants to make a major change which scuttles your site in an instant, then that’s just what they’ll do. In their eyes, they don’t owe anyone anything, and purely place an emphasis on the content. This has the effect of placing anyone who works within the world of SEO in a perennial state of unease. They have to be on battle stations at all times ready for that next core algorithm update.

It’s vital that you stay as updated as possible, therefore. If you once read an article on SEO back in 2015 that informed the way you set up your website, there’s a reason that your website probably isn’t performing as well as it could be. If you need any advice on the latest updates to Google’s algorithms, you can either have a trawl around online yourself. Or you can get in touch with specialists in SEO in Essex who can sum up the salient points for you. 

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The fight between Google and SEO specialists continues to rage on daily. In Google’s ideal world, there’d be no SEO, but unluckily for them, they’ve not yet killed it off as a discipline. There will most likely always be ways in which you can optimise your content so that it’s more akin to what Google wants than what your competitors are offering up; and so long as that is the case, there’ll be the need for specialists. So, if you’d like to find out more about our SEO in Essex, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850 to learn more. We’d love to sit, have a cuppa and talk about where you can improve your position in the search engine rankings.