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Here at our SEO marketing company, we help businesses to secure a brighter future. Our team aid clients within the UK, US, Europe and Asia in getting more from their website. Through the work that we do, we can assist your organisation in operating at its fullest capacity. Our mission is to help brands establish themselves within their market through improved discoverability. 

Search Engine Marketing – How Does it Work? What Are My Options?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is an incredibly lucrative tool and one that many of our clients have benefitted from greatly. This is an umbrella term encompassing both search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC.) 

SEO is a way of organically pushing more traffic to your site. This involves tailoring your content to search engine algorithms. In doing so, the likes of Google are more likely to favour your website when it comes to ranking for certain search terms. As you can imagine, the higher you position on the search engine results page (SERP), the more attention you will receive from the public.

PPC, on the other hand, is a way of non-organically boosting your visibility. In other words, you pay for your place on the SERP. This works by identifying key terms that potential customers may search for. A budget is then set, and the organisation pays a certain amount per click. These are the results you often see appearing in the top positions with ‘ad’ marked next to them.

What Is the Google Algorithm?

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The internet is home to trillions of different resources. Of course, not all of these are always going to be relevant to you and what you are searching for. Nobody has time to sift through each result, trying to find the answer they are looking for. That would be ridiculous. As a platform built for making the lives of consumers easier, it is Google’s job to do this for you.  

In order to improve their end user experience, Google needed to come up with some kind of ranking criteria for websites. Today, this is better known as the Google algorithm. This was designed to help search engine users to find the relevant information more quickly. 

As part of this process, robots known as ‘spiders’ are sent to crawl your website. As they go, they create a report on how ‘useful’ your information is based on how much of the criteria you meet. Consequently, Google will then be able to determine your place for relevant key terms due to their analysis.

Key Steps in Optimising Your Site

Each search engine has their own algorithm, and these are incredibly extensive. What’s more, each set of criteria is constantly changing, making search engine optimisation a very demanding task. As an SEO marketing company, it is our job to optimise your site for the best results. Further, we are always refreshing our knowledge to ensure our approach remains relevant and effective. 

Here are just a few key modifications that every business needs to make if they want to rank well:

Blogging, Landing Pages and Website Copy

When it comes to content, the reasoning as to how this impacts your SEO is fairly simple. In short, the more information you share, the more likely you are to answer a query that someone may search for. Therefore, blogs, landing pages and your website copy are a vital part of your overall SEO value.

Keywords are also incredibly important to use throughout this content. These are usually a phrase that someone may type into the search bar and need to be relevant to your business. For example, the keyword for this blog is ‘SEO marketing company.’ A different keyword needs to be utilised for each different piece of content you put out.

As SEO professionals, we can help you produce and upload all kinds of content. What’s more, we will do so in an optimised manner, ensuring maximum results. Our experts are not only technically minded, but they’re also incredibly creative too. Whether it’s injecting some flare into your home page, or generating regular blogs, we can help! 

Back-End Optimisation

Now, back-end optimisation is where things start to get a bit tricker. This is essentially anything you do in the background of your site that directly impacts how you rank. For example:

  • Optimising your site for mobile devices
  • Creating meta descriptions and alt-tags
  • Compressing image file sizes
  • Improving your sites loading speed

This may all seem relatively straight forward, but when it comes to it, you really do need a good level of knowledge to get things right. Your site health is incredibly fragile and making a wrong move could end up causing permanent damage. When you work with an SEO marketing company, however, the risk of this happening is diminished. Allow us to take care of your site whilst you get back to what you do best!

Off-Site SEO Factors

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You may not think it, but actually, other marketing techniques such as social media and PR can also greatly affect your SEO value too. If your social media is performing well, this provides proof to Google that people enjoy your content. What’s more, through the use of digital PR, you should gain valuable backlinks. These will help you stand out as an authority within your market. 

Lots of businesses fall into the trap of hiring an SEO marketing company who only specialise in this area. In doing so, they are actually limiting their ROI without even knowing it. Really, for the best results, you need a full-service agency who has an array of experience across the board. 

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