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If you’re looking for a team specialising in SEO marketing in Chelmsford, you’ve come to the right place. We have an entire team dedicated to improving the way our clients operate through optimising their online space. Whether you’re a small business or large multinational, we have the knowhow to boost your ranking beyond your expectations.

Let’s Clear Up Any Confusion 

SEO is a sensitive process and one that can go pear shaped quite quickly if placed in the hands of an inexperienced individual. With so many different attributes affecting how you rank, it’s no wonder people become easily confused. In order to dispel your uncertainty, allow me to explain some of the key things you need to know about SEO marketing in Chelmsford. 

As a business, we want our products to be fit for use and as helpful to our customers as possible. If we weren’t dedicated to this cause, it’s likely we’d fail quite quickly. Similarly, Google wants their service to be fully optimised in terms of functionality. In order to do this, they needed to put in place some kind of process. This process would ultimately help them determine what content was about and the quality of the source. Hence, the Google algorithm was invented. 

When you publish your website, it then has to undergo an invisible process called indexing. To keep things simple, this is where Google send out robots known as ‘crawlers’ to assess every inch of your site. Their job is to identify which components of the algorithm you satisfy and where you could improve. Once this has been completed, you can then be found on Google. Depending on how much SEO is carried out, you can then move up or down the rankings. 

In case it wasn’t already obvious, you want to be ranking as highly as possible. It’s no use being featured within the third page of results because people simply won’t see you. 

What the Google Algorithm Wants from Us 

Now, it would seem pretty pointless for me to tell you all of this without at least touching on what Google want to see. Their criteria can be split into two different categories – on-site and off-site. On-site SEO refers to the changes you make to your website directly that affect your value. Meanwhile, off-site refers to the aspects carried out elsewhere. Let’s explore this in more detail: 

Optimising Your Content 

The content you write has a huge baring on how well you rank within Google. When it comes to SEO marketing in Chelmsford, VerriBerri have an entire team of experts in content creation. Whether you’re in need of landing pages or want to start a blog, we can do it all. 

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When posting content online, it’s likely you’ll cover certain topics that people may search for. Within your content, you should be using keywords as indicators for Google so that they know what you’re writing about. If this is done correctly, they can better identify you as a possible result for their consumer. The more premium your content is in the eyes of Google, the more you’ll be promoted. 

Again, Google want the information they boost to satisfy the needs of their consumers. In order to do this, they assess the readability of your content. If your sentences are too long or there is a lack of formatting, this will damage your SEO value. According to Google, 80% of your sentences need to be twenty words or under. Otherwise, you run into the danger of your audience becoming confused. Furthermore, even small additions like adding in subheadings can make all the difference. 

Having a high bounce rate is a really negative impression to have associated with your brand. Although Google haven’t officially said that spelling mistakes affect your SEO directly, it will certainly increase the amount of people clicking off. Small mistakes in your grammar tarnish people’s opinions of you quickly. Before you know it, you’re branded as lack-lustre and unprofessional. When Google catch on to this, you’ll become less favourable and begin ranking further down on the SERP. 

Optimising Behind the Scenes 

Back-end optimisation is a type of on-site SEO. Essentially, these are things you do behind the scenes. It goes without saying that we’re all using our mobiles more and more each day. Whether we’re commuting to work, trying to relax or doing the weekly shop, we take our phones everywhere. With this in mind, it seems only natural the percentage of searches made on phones has also increased. Google recognises that with this comes better ease of use for their consumers. As a result, they tend to favour the websites that are fully optimised for mobile viewing. 

Not only are they annoying for consumers, but broken links can also damage the view Google has of you. If a number of your links aren’t working, this gives the impression that your website has been abandoned. This will lead to an increased bounce rate and lower ranking. 

Another key thing to note is your loading speed. SEO is all about making the life of us consumers easier and if your site is clunky, you’re doing the opposite. 

Optimising in Other Areas 

We know all there is about when it comes to SEO marketing in Chelmsford. In fact, we know everything there is about SEO globally. Having worked with companies in both the UK and US, we have formed bonds with some impressive contacts. This has benefitted us massively when carrying out PR work. Believe it or not, public relations and social media have a strong tie when it comes to SEO. Off the back of publications, you’re going to receive back links. 

The better the quality of source that these come from, the more this promotes the idea that you’re trustworthy. This will help gain you some brownie points with Google. 

Social media is on area of off-site SEO that often gets left behind. Google is verging on omni-present which means attributes like your following on Instagram will also play their part. If you’re able to build your audience on these platforms, this tells Google that you’re liked. From this, they’re then able to assume that you’re experts in your field. This will stand you in good stead when it comes to determining how you rank. 

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If the help of our SEO marketing in Chelmsford brand is something you could do with, why not get in touch? We love sharing what we do and discussing new and exciting projects. For more information on what we can do for your company, you can get in touch by clicking here.