Our organic SEO services and our paid strategies will see you reaching dizzy new heights.


Our organic SEO services and our paid strategies will see you reaching dizzy new heights.

Why do you need SEO or PPC?

We work to meet your needs, depending on your preferences; paid or organic. SEO is a long-term strategy for successively attracting targeted audiences to your website. Whereas PPC is much more short term shooting you straight to the top of the search results. If done correctly, a strategy customised to your needs and industry can help generate brand awareness and help your business grow!

Search Accessibility

The first step in the SEO or PPC process is to ensure your websites pages contain correct and relevant content. Once you have this, it’s essential to give search engines permission to access this content.

Search Indexing

Search engines will soon index your website to determine how often your web pages appear on search results. By indexing your web pages, search engines can collect and store data from your website and generate results when users carry out a relevant search.

Search Appearance

It’s important to have an idea of how you would like your site to appear on search results. This will help you create useful and compelling title tags, meta descriptions, site links and breadcrumb navigation.

Search Results

The ultimate goal of an SEO/PPC campaign is to drive targeted traffic to your website and generate enquiries. With analytical platforms, you're able to determine the position of your keywords and which search queries generate the most traffic to your site.

SEO & PPC Approach

When it comes to SEO and PPC, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We recommend outsourcing these tasks to a qualified agency like VerriBerri, due to the complexity and changing nature of the industry.

A successful SEO campaign goes beyond adding the relevant keywords to a website and hoping for search engines to reward you for the effort. Similar with PPC; you can’t just expect to bid for keywords and start to see the ROI roll in. This is where VerriBerri can help…

At VerriBerri, Essex marketing company, we create organic SEO and PPC packages based on your budget. Our team of experts work with you to identify your business objectives and what keywords you’d like to be found for. We will then work on optimising your SEO from website updates to ongoing content marketing. We will also ensure we keep up to date with new Google algorithms and consistently optimise your Google Ads.

You’ll also be able to check everything on our progress in our monthly reports!