How an SEO service provider can help your business

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How an SEO service provider can help your business

All businesses like to think they won’t need an SEO service provider. However, sometimes there are things that can’t be done in-house. VerriBerri have been delivering award-winning SEO services and other digital marketing solutions for over 12 years. Our team have worked with multiple clients across the world to ensure their SEO is meeting the Google algorithm requirements. We’re going to talk about the benefits of hiring an external company to do your SEO for you.

Creating an effective SEO strategy 

When it comes to SEO, you need to have a strategy. First and foremost, when creating a plan, you need to ask questions. What are you looking to gain from improving your SEO? The approach you implement will depend on this.

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VerriBerri’s dedicated and expert SEO team can narrow down the avenues you need to follow to ensure you get the result you want from SEO techniques. Naturally, almost everyone has the aim to rank at the top of search engines like Google! We will conduct keyword research into your website and see which words and phrases you are ranking for. We will then work to include these keywords within your content to rank them higher and identify keyword gaps where you should be ranking. 

Any content we write for your blog will be relevant and engaging. This is vital to ensuring you are not only ranking for keywords but also that people are not just clicking on your site but staying to read what you have to say. 

Keyword analysis and monthly reports 

When an SEO services provider such as VerriBerri starts working with your brand, they will start by identifying these aforementioned keywords. This is to ensure you are ranking correctly. Here at VerriBerri, our keyword research is conducted by using professional systems such as SEMrush and Google Analytics. This helps to analyse competitors rankings and use those to pick the keywords best suited to your results. 

Once we have conducted our research will then discuss with you which ones you are looking to rank for. Your keyword list will often end up being a mix of words you are already ranking for (but quite low in the rankings) and those your competitors are ranking for. This gives us the opportunity to improve your rankings and climb above your competitors. As a result, this ensures they aren’t getting the entire percentage of potential customers.

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Without an SEO agency to track your keywords, you may find you are unable to develop and change your content. Here at VerriBerri, we will create a report at the end of every month to send to you. This report will consist of analytics form SEMrush and figures that will show how your keywords are performing. At the end of each month, the results of the keyword tracking will help our SEO team to take the correct steps to improving your website and content for the next month. If certain keywords are slipping in the rankings, we will be sure to incorporate those above others in the next month of content. 

Utilising all areas of SEO 

There are two different types of SEO – on site and off site. On site refers to the changes that can be made on your website and behind the scenes. Off-site SEO refers to the things you may not be able to have control over. This includes other websites, that are potential spammy, linking your site and content. 

On site 

An SEO services provider can ensure your website is meeting all the algorithm requirements by making changes and optimising your pages. The SEO team at VerriBerri will do this by updating title tags, meta descriptions and header tags on blogs, pages, and products. We can audit your site and ensure it is all working correctly. Our team are also able to test the loading speed of your site and attempt to remove anything that may be causing it to run slower. On site SEO also refers to the blogs our team will write and upload for you that include those important keywords. This type of SEO is usually the main bulk of any SEO services that agencies provide.

Off site 


When you use and SEO services provider, you will also be assisted with your off site SEO. At VerriBerri, this includes the use of backlinks that will be obtained through PR. Backlinks are links to your content placed on other websites and online publications. Our PR team work closely with our SEO team to ensure they are doing everything possible to boost your SEO rankings. We will ensure any backlinks we obtain are from good quality and trustworthy websites. Our team will also monitor any unexpected backlinks that will appear. We will ensure any spammy backlinks are removed so that your SEO is not affected.  

Working with an SEO services provider 

VerriBerri have a dedicated team who are passionate about all things SEO. Not only are our team members technically minded but, they also have the creativity needed to ensure any content produced is of good quality. All our departments work under one roof which allows for the SEO team to collaborate and brainstorm. This means we are able to produce fresh, and relevant content each week that is beneficial to your SEO value. Having worked with a wide range of clients, our team are able to produce content for just about any brand or business, no matter what sector you specialise in!

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If you think your business is in need of an SEO services provider, VerriBerri may be able to help you. With our SEO experience we can take your website to the next level and increase your rankings on the Google results page! Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today to start discussing your strategy. Alternatively, you can call us on 01376 386 850 – we would love to hear from you.