Small business marketing

Small business marketing

If you don’t invest in marketing your business you are missing a major trick.

Marketing is absolutely vital for your success, you can have the best product or service but if no one knows about it then how are you planning to sustain your business?

Every element should be marketed properly and that includes yourself! Today I would like to talk to you about the success of your small business. You need to consider the image you are projecting and how you want your brand to be viewed.

Small business marketing.

Recognise your audience. The method of marketing that you use will be dependent on your industry, customers and service. This will be completely unique to your company. You need to make absolutely sure you are targeting your audience accurately. To do this you will need to dedicate time to the relevant research.

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Have well-defined goals. Marketing should never be an after-thought. It only works if it is planned, otherwise you will have no viable results or leads. Please ensure that your marketing strategy is strong and most importantly, always measurable!

Be flexible. You, as a small business, have an advantage over larger companies as you can be quicker to react. The key to great marketing is flexibility. If you monitor your campaigns right from the word go you will be able to adapt and change if it is or isn’t working. Don’t forget, regardless of the size of your budget, without a strong marketing strategy you will not reach customers and will certainly lose money.

With the rise of the internet there has never been more opportunity to reach your target audience; you just need to get creative! Your team knows how great your product or service is, find a way to tell people! (You can always contact our team to help you with this as it can be tricky.)

As you can tell, we don’t just create incredible marketing campaigns for our national clients. 

Our Essex team are experts in Small business marketing. 

Our Essex based SME marketing team can help your company reach dizzying new heights and push your marketing forward on a smaller budget.

These members of our marketing team are specially trained to keep it simple whilst getting results. We don’t do ‘buzzwords’ or ‘conceptual picture boards’ we do down to earth honest marketing where 100% of your budget is focuses at the results that work.

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Okay it’s not a glitzy but do you mind when you are getting a great return on investment?

Our small business marketing team are experts in what your company needs; marketing, advertising, direct mail, websites, design, branding, planning and market research.

Beat the credit crunch with our cost-effective strategies; when times are tough the worst thing you can do is stop marketing. In fact, this is the best time to invest to ensure you get a greater share of the available market.

So, let’s identify where you are now, where you want to be and what the gap is between the two.

We can help with PR too!

If you are looking for a PR team in Essex, we could be the perfect choice for you. Our PR and marketing agency is in the perfect location.

Below are some of the reasons that our PR agency in Essex, could be the ideal solution for your company or individual needs.

Ten brains instead of one – You won’t just have one marketing genius working for you, but instead our entire team. We can constantly produce new angles and ideas for your business and PR plan.

Small but detailed – VerriBerri may be a smaller team than some larger marketing agencies, but we have attention to detail on our side. We will take the time to understand your business needs and any unique selling points that your product or service has. With this information we will have full understanding on how your business is run and which marketing tools will work best for you.

We work to your budget – Our team work for businesses with both small and large budgets. Our team won’t push you into a contract that you aren’t willing to pay, but instead ask you how much you wish to pay each month. We will then create your strategy to your budget, explaining what you will be getting each month for your money and how long results will take to emerge for those on a smaller financial plan.

VerriBerri will work towards getting you free exposure through editorial – We often find many marketing agencies choose to go down the avenue of advertisements. Instead of paying above and beyond for a small advertising space in a magazine, we will try to secure you free editorial instead. This will work better than advertising without the associated costs. Contact us today to find out more.