Social Media Agency for Construction

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Social Media Agency for Construction

When looking for a social media agency for construction, it is likely you will stumble across lots of firms promising you the world. But how many of these actually have hands-on experience helping clients in this industry? How many of these agencies actually know how the sector works and understand your needs? It is important you fully understand what you are marketing if you want your efforts to be effective.

At VerriBerri, we have specialised in construction marketing for over a decade. This means that we know how the industry works, what your audience want to see, and all the best ways to reach them. We have a proven track record of amazing results which we hope proves testament to our credibility. With our multi-award-winning status, you can be confident that we will deliver high calibre results.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing

Lots of construction businesses disregard social media when it comes to building their strategy. We get it, building your online presence may not feel like it needs to be at the top of your priority list. As experts, however, we are here to tell you that social media is arguably one of the most lucrative tools for you to be utilising. 

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It is no secret that the construction industry is an overcrowded market. Like many other businesses, your competition is high. Making noise is hard enough, without battling against a million other voices. Naturally, building your brand recognition may feel like an impossible task. When you enlist the help of the right social channels, however, building awareness for your business becomes far easier. 

Illegitimate companies are everywhere and as time goes on, social media has become a natural way for others to vet your brand. When managed well, your social profiles should reflect your professionalism and skill within the construction sector. If this is achieved, when people search for your profiles they will be met with a high level of credibility. For you, this can only mean positive things.

Of course, our above two points on improved discoverability and becoming a reputable brand will lead to higher lead generation. This is usually the end goal of all business looking to step up their marketing. If more people see you, more people are likely to use your services. It is as simple as that. The higher your conversion rate, the easier it is for you to get ahead of others in your market. What’s more, our social media agency for construction can help get you there.

Important Stats You Need to Know

  • Reportedly, 4.2 billion people are using social media globally in 2021. This figure has increased by more than 13% when compared to 2020.
  • Social media platforms saw an increase in usership of 1.3 million members every day last year.
  • The average social media user spends a total of 3 hours on platforms each day.
  • It is estimated that by 2025, 4.41 billion people will be using social media. Although it is highly likely that we will surpass this figure if growth trends continue.

What Platforms Are Right for Me?

As a social media agency for construction, it is our job to understand consumers. When you work with our team, we take our time getting to know you. Further, we will carefully analyse your target segment and their purchasing behaviours. Before creating a marketing strategy of any kind, it is vital that an understanding of your audience is established. This sets the foundations for an effective campaign. 

When it comes to construction, the industry is broad. For some of you, you may be trying to reach a B2B audience. Comparatively, you could operate a B2C brand or even a hybrid of the two markets. The platforms you use for your social media marketing is going to be affected by this factor.

For those of you trying to reach other businesses with your services, platforms such as LinkedIn are going to be vital. Twitter and Instagram can also be lucrative platforms for construction businesses, depending on your niche. 

Of course, it is always difficult to give tailored advice, unless we know more about your brand. To discuss your approach in more detail, we recommend getting in touch with our social media agency for construction.

How Our Agency Can Help

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Marketing of every variety is time consuming. There is no escaping that. In theory, social media is something you can manage yourself. Many of our clients, however, find it far more cost and time-efficient to outsource this task to professionals. What’s more, social media marketing requires creativity. At VerriBerri, we all operate under the same roof, allowing us to bounce ideas off one another daily. This means fresh, innovative and unique ideas for our clients every time. 

The more marketing areas you invest time into, the more ROI you are going to see. Really, taking a multi-tiered approach to your strategy is the best way to go. Full-service agencies in the Essex area are hard to come by. Go for a firm in the city, however, and you are going to get hit by the hefty city prices. 

At VerriBerri, we are a multi-department agency that covers every aspect of the marketing landscape. Moreover, we keep our prices affordable. We can help you with all aspects, should you need more than just social media help. Our specialists cover everything from search engine marketing and graphic design, through to public relations and event management.

Get in Touch 

Realistically, social media is only going to grow in popularity and businesses really cannot afford to be avoiding this trend. Those of you not implementing a social media strategy, really are missing out.

If you would like to know more about the work we do here at VerriBerri, why not get in touch? We are always happy to chat and discuss where to take your marketing next. You can reach our social media agency for construction by clicking here. Alternatively, call the team on 01376 386 850.