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Learning All The Components With A Social Media Agency In Essex

When people set up a brand or business; they now go in with the intention of using some kind of social media marketing to help boost their revenues. This is fantastic to see, and it’s great that an increasing number of brands are wising up to the importance of these platforms in today’s digital world. Unfortunately, many of these very same businesses go about it in the wrong way. Their intentions are fantastic, their execution? Less so.

The main issue is that they tend to target only one platform, and it’s very often the wrong one for their particular brand or service. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading social media agency in Essex; wanted to give some useful tips and insight as to why using the right social media matters; we also want to explain that social media marketing is often best deployed by using various platforms in conjunction with one another.


Pinterest social media marketing

Bar perhaps Pinterest (which we will come onto) Instagram is by far the most aesthetic and visual of all the social media platforms. It also has a truly staggering user-base. In fact, there are around one billion active, monthly Instagram users. This is too sizeable a demographic not to capitalise upon. Instagram works great for showing off products and services. Its story function also offers a fantastic way of showing ‘behind-the-scenes’ content of your brand; how your product may be made, for example, or a series of meet the team stories. 

The various content planning services now at a brand’s disposal also means that greater levels of content consistency are also now achievable. Websites such as Hootsuite, for example. Just like with all social media platforms, Instagram users will find greatest success by posting consistently. It isn’t just for fashion brands and celebrities, however. Geographic and industry-specific hashtags mean that you can truly tailor and target your content to the industry within which your brand itself lies. Consistently creating and scheduling content can be a full-time profession, however, especially for sustained periods of time. This is where our social media agency in Essex can help.


The high-achieving, elder brother of the social media family; LinkedIn is great for more corporate businesses, and great for B2B (business to business) connections and relationships. In terms of networking opportunities, nothing comes even remotely close to the capabilities of LinkedIn as a platform. The ability to connect with like-minded businesses and individuals makes it an incredibly attractive proposition. It provides a means of accruing new clients, recruiting new employees and showing off your business acumen to those that are going to truly recognise the importance of it. The layperson may not understand the significance of a certain accreditation; but you can be sure that industry professionals on LinkedIn will. In this way, you LinkedIn provides the prime platform from which to build your brand’s reputation as one of high-quality.


Social media marketing Twitter responses

Twitter is a platform for the conversationalists and suits those businesses that are highly opinionated, have a clear message to get out to the world, or simply those that like to have a more casual and communicative approach to their operations. It also works well more generally to help deal with customer enquiries and complaints should there ever be any. Of all the mainstream platforms; it’s probably the one where you can be funniest as well, it certainly allows for a high level of tongue-and-cheek repartee should that be the style of your brand.

Having our social media agency in Essex manage your brand’s Twitter account makes great sense for two reasons. Firstly, we have huge experience with Twitter which counts for a lot, though you may not realise it. Secondly, our experience means we understand the tone of Twitter which is a very particular thing. The style of humour, when and when not to get political, dealing with issues; these all require a tone that’s incredibly specific to Twitter. It is this tone which we’re proud to have honed over the years.


Working out how to use Pinterest can be a minefield, but it has long been the staple of industries such as weddings, baby products and interior design. The aesthetic makeup of Pinterest makes it great for those brands that rely predominantly on a service that is best showcased through images (hence why the above services use it so much). It’s also fantastic at conveying the overall tone and feeling of a brand through the boards you can create. There are no other platforms where you can so easily get across the feel of your brand as you can with Pinterest.

Its popularity isn’t waning, even though it’s been around for a relatively long time now, and more industries are discovering the opportunities presented by communicating through overall tone and not just through words. If there’s something you’re struggling to get across in text on your website, pointing people to your Pinterest account makes astute business sense.

Bringing It All Together

Having read the above, you’ll hopefully have worked out which platform best suits your brand as a primary focus. However, just because you’re leaning towards one of them doesn’t mean you should neglect the others, far from it. The best social media marketing strategy is to use these platforms in tandem with one another so that you can harness the benefits of all of them. If you look at the truly giant brands across the globe, they have accounts on all of these social media platforms, all of which are managed to perfection. This is an incredibly resource-consuming strategy to take on if you attempt to do it in-house. If you were to use an agency, however, you get the benefits whilst you’re able to continue focusing on those aspects of the business you’re more comfortable with.

Don’t just take a scattergun approach to your social media marketing, make the platforms work around you. So, if you’d like to find out more about our social media agency in Essex, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850.