Social Media Content Agency: A Guide to Successful Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Content Agency: A Guide to Successful Social Media Marketing

At VerriBerri, we pride ourselves on being a growing social media content agency with an outstanding reputation. Day to day, our team work hard to produce engaging, informative content that is SEO friendly. 

After over a decade of work, we have helped hundreds of brands to build themselves a secure future. When you work alongside our elite team, you are guaranteed better visibility, a stronger reputation, and increased revenue! What more could you wish for?

The Importance of Utilising Social Media as a Channel for Marketing

If you are wondering whether social media is right for your brand, we are here to tell you it is. It is as simple as that.

Each and every day, individuals spend hours scrolling through their phones. Whether we are commuting to work, winding down before bed, or sitting on the sofa; the one constant is our phones. With over 70% of the UK population actively using social media each day, this is not something you can afford to avoid. Brands who refuse to evolve are extremely vulnerable.

Our Tips on Creating Successful Content

Sharing online is one thing, but creating content that is successful, is a whole other ball game. For some, gaining any kind of traction can be a struggle. Below are a few of our tips on how to produce meaningful social media content…

1.    Define Your Goals

Without targets to hit, your team are likely to feel demotivated and this can lead to further issues. Before starting with your social media marketing, it is vital you establish your goals and what it is that you want to achieve. 

Think long term. What do you want to see from being on social media? Are you looking for customer retention? Maybe you just want to increase your brand awareness or generate more leads? These are all possible outcomes from your marketing, it is all about knowing which is the biggest priority. 

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SMART is a framework you may already be familiar with. For those of you who are not, this anagram stands for – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. These are all the factors that your aims and objectives should take into consideration. Setting SMART targets for your marketing will act as a good foundation for your overall strategy. As a social media content agency, we can help you create these.

2.    Research and Learn

There is a lot to learn from those around you, including your fellow competitors. Researching what other brands are doing is a great way to gather more ideas if you are feeling a bit dry. Think about what works well for them and what didn’t quite go to plan. Further, why have their top performing posts done so well? 

As well as studying your competitors, keeping up to date with the industry is also important. This will help you to maintain relevancy when producing content, aiding your engagement. Not to mention, this will solidify your place as a reputable brand.

3.    Plan, Plan and Plan Again

If you own a business, finding time to sit down and write a plan may feel like an impossible task. This step really is vital, however, when it comes to generating high-quality content. 

Getting your ideas down on paper will make your life far easier in the long run. Make sure you are setting apart time to brainstorm and produce content. This isn’t something that should be rushed.

Social media algorithms prefer when their users are posting consistently. When a company does their own social media, this is often their biggest hurdle to overcome. It is no secret that marketing is time intensive. Planning in advance will allow your content to continue flowing. This is also great for boosting both interaction and the reach of your posts.

4.    Stay Unique

How often do you sit and scroll through Instagram, not really taking anything in? Day to day, we consume vast amounts of content on social media. In order for your posts to be captivating, they need to be unique.

As we mentioned earlier, there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other businesses, or your competitors. It is important, however, that you do not fall into the trap of copying what others do. This can be all too tempting but needs to be avoided at all costs. Ensuring your posts are bespoke is vital.

5.    Assess Your Performance 

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One of the biggest benefits of social media is its measurability. Providing your page is set to business, each of the biggest platforms give you access to your own set of insights. This is valuable information and allows you to track how your posts are performing. From here, you can learn more about what your audience enjoy and the best times to post. You can also see how far your posts are reaching. 

As a social media content agency, we often see businesses ignoring what their analytics are trying to tell them. If you want your content to perform well, this is a big no, no. Your insights are there for a reason, use them! This will give you a good indicator as to whether or not remarketing is needed.

Why It Might Be Time to Bring an Agency Onboard

Got too much on your plate? Running out of creative ideas? It might be time for you to seek the help of a social media content agency. 

Marketing can be expensive and at VerriBerri, we know that this can be off-putting. It is for this reason that we keep our prices low, providing our clients with an affordable service. As professionals, we know how to organically grow your following, driving demand for your product or service. We put a heavy focus on providing the highest ROI possible, whilst actively improving your brands public perception.

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