Social media has taken over.

Social media marketing effects on business

Social media has taken over.

Social media is now used by almost every company. There are many important reasons you should use social media to market your brand and indeed you should find the time to use it every single day. Social media isn’t as easy as posting a simple tweet or a short Facebook status now and then; it takes commitment, originality and clever content to draw people in and build relationships.

Social media targets all audiences from teenagers to the older generation. Sites like Facebook and Twitter will always be around; although in various forms; as they are used to connect with people both locally and worldwide. Whatever the business, wherever the business; your message will be out there and your brand will grow within the social media world.

Social Media Marketing Ideas for Hospitality Brands

From a business perspective, social media increases your exposure, search engine rankings and your website traffic. It’s easy to use, once known how to effectively, and free! You just have to decide if you have the commitment and expertise to do it yourself or if you need to ask a professional! Social media is more flexible than you think. It’s not just writing about what the business offers it should also be more used on a more spontaneous level.

Networking on the internet doesn’t only benefit you as a company; it benefits your customers. It gives them more of an insight as to what the brand is all about and enables them to connect with you wherever they are. Social media doesn’t only allow the customers to get an insight to the company it allows you to see what kind of customers you attract and gives you the opportunity to strengthen the relationship you have already built. Customers that use social networks can also share and connec with their friends or followers. 

The analogy making the rounds in our office is how socials are like a garden.

It’s quite a clear explanation. If you plant something, tend to it, use the correct tools and periodically clear out the ‘weeds’ your business will have a flourishing social media presence and if you don’t’ your social media garden with wilt and die – just like a discarded garden.

Naturally studies back up the idea that a well-cared for social media platform harvests unlimited rewards and there is a direct association between the amount of time spent on social media and the benefits acquired.

Below are some stats taken from 3,000 marketers.

  • At least half said that social media has increased their salesmarket analysis
  • 75% of participants noted that with a minimum of six hours spent on social media their website traffic significantly increased.
  • 89% of participants said that social media increased their exposure.

To cultivate a flourishing social media presence, do the following things.

Make a plan. On countless occasions, I have seen business owners set up a social media account and post without rhyme or reason. You need to put time and effort into your platform to gain rewards. So, determine your content strategy, define your audience and decide what you want to achieve.

Make sure it’s relevant and regular. If you are infrequent you will lose your audience. If you don’t appeal to their interests, they will just lose interest in you.

Pull the weeds up. Every now and then, perhaps once a quarter, analyse who you are following that you gain low volume communication or pointless communication from. Perhaps an account you are following does not follow you back and offers no value.

The analogy that social media is like a garden may be a little inane, but it makes a good point. Social media is only going to work if you put in the work. Your presence will not just grow overnight, the same way a garden doesn’t yield flowers and vegetables immediately. It takes a plan, the right tools, constant attention, and—most important—dedication.

SEO and Social Media.

For a long time it has been  becoming increasingly difficult to rank on search engines such as Google

In a concerted effort to deliver the most relevant pages, the latest update affected hundreds of thousands of sites; especially those using black hat techniques.

In a concerted effort to deliver the most relevant pages, the latest update affected hundreds of thousands of sites; especially those using black hat techniques.

An estimated 2-3% of websites saw their sites immediately plummet in organic searches for keywords that were previously ranking well. For those affected, there was an immediate drop in visitors and consequentially, sales.

Please note, we consider SEO a key measure of this ‘authority’, (which refers to the influence of your site when ranked against similar sites.)

Simply put, if your site is regarded as stronger than the competition, you rank higher.  This gives you better visibility and makes visits more likely when someone is searching.

So what factors are taken into consideration to determine your authority?

At this time there are no hard and fast rules. The emphasis is placed on quality content that provides value to the reader and does not use sneaky tactics like doorway pages and hidden text.

In addition to judging the onsite rankings, search engines identify quality content by looking to socials. In theory – people will talk about things they find interesting – i.e. – quality content.

Google likes content that has been shared and the frequency and authority of these shares play a role. It can also track all of your linked content so it can see when people link back to you.

Essentially, if people are not engaging with you or sharing your content the search engines assume you are unimportant and provide no value.

The moral of the story – post your website content on your social sites! 

If you are struggling to keep up to date, or need help with a strategy. Just get in touch with our team.