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Social Media Marketing Agency in Essex

Here at VerriBerri, a social media marketing agency in Essex, we know just how difficult it can be to get your brand on the map. With so many markets oversaturated with competition, it can be really tricky to find your voice and make some noise. As experts in consumer behaviour, however, we can help you climb to the top of the ladder, building a more stable future for your business. 

Why is social media so important?

As of 2025, social media usage is projected to soar, with a predicted 4.41 billion people making use of online platforms each day. Given its current popularity and how this is set to grow, social media marketing is a must-have for almost every business. 

Social media is a vital tool for many different reasons. First and foremost, these platforms can come in very handy when trying to reach new markets. Additionally, a good online presence will also help you to improve customer loyalty, build your reputation and strengthen the relationship between you and your audience.

As a social media marketing agency in Essex, we see people benefitting from a strong online presence each and every day. Quite frankly, if you’re not making the most out of these platforms, you’re missing out!

Why you should never buy followers online

When it comes to social media, many brands fall into the trap of obsessing over their followers. Whilst this is important, it isn’t everything and having a good engagement rate needs to be a main focus too. If your followers aren’t interacting with your posts, you may as well be speaking to an empty room.

We get it. Buying followers can be very tempting, especially if you’re struggling to grow this number organically. Nevertheless, it’s vital that you avoid doing this at all costs. Not only will buying followers damage your credibility, but it will also affect the success of your feed too. In short, it’ll have the reverse affect. 

B2B social media marketing

For those of you who don’t know, every social media platform has their own algorithm that is used to determine what content a user sees and when they see it. From the creator’s perspective, when you share content online, this will first be distributed to a small number of your followers. The fate of your post is now in their hands. If a large percentage of these individuals engage with your content, the platform will then push this out for more of your subscribers to see, and so on. It’s now that you’re probably realising just how vital interactive followers really are.

When you buy followers online, these are usually bot accounts as opposed to real people. This means that should your content be pushed out to a large percentage of inactive accounts; you’re going to end up limiting your growth. 

If you’re struggling to organically grow your online presence, our social media marketing agency in Essex is here to help!

How to boost your engagement organically

Now we’ve discussed the importance of engagement, you’re probably wondering how you can boost interactivity on your posts. With this in mind, our team have put together our top tips:

  • Hashtags: For those of you who don’t know, hashtags are a great way to further the reach of your post. Lots of people follow or frequently search for tags that relate to their hobbies and interests. Therefore, if your posts are appearing here, you’re likely to find consumers that are interested in what you have to share. Hashtags should be used across the board if you’re after optimum results!
  • Location tags: Many people use social media to find nearby locations, whether it be a café or a small boutique. Tagging your location on posts (where appropriate) can help newer customers to discover and fall in love with your brand.
  • Optimising your bio: Lots of businesses severely underestimate the power of their social media bio. In actual fact, this plays a vital part when it comes to growing your following. Make sure you’re including a brief run-down of your company, it’s location and your websites URL. 

What to look out for when choosing a social media agency

When it comes to choosing a credible social media marketing agency in Essex, it’s vital that you pick wisely. Your businesses reputation is fragile and once damaged, this can be tricky to put right. It is for this reason exactly that you need to do your research. 

Below, we’ve put together a few characteristics you need to be on the lookout for…

  • Good communication: Handing over any element of your business to an outside firm can be uncomfortable. Regardless, this is sometimes a necessary step to take if you want to experience growth. Communication is key to establishing a good level of trust. Make sure your chosen agency is keeping you in the loop and are happy to pick up the phone and chat.
  • Contract terms you’re comfortable with: Through the years, we have seen countless organisations tied into long contracts when they didn’t need to be. With the current climate the way it is, it’s vital that you have the freedom to exit an agreement if things don’t work out. What’s more, you don’t want to get stuck paying a firm that isn’t delivering. At VerriBerri we’re confident in our ability to deliver, meaning that we can keep our contract lengths to a minimum.
  • Experience in your field: Let us start by saying, experience doesn’t always guarantee a good job. When it comes to marketing, however, it pays to choose an agency who know your industry inside and out. At VerriBerri, we have over a decade of expertise in the field, leaving no stone unturned. Regardless of your niche, we know all of the best ways to support you through marketing.
  • Transparency: Nobody likes dishonesty and if you want to maintain trust, transparency is vital. Work with an agency who are genuine and aren’t afraid to say when something isn’t working. 

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