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Social Media Marketing: How To Stand Out In 2020

In what is an increasingly saturated sector, standing out from the crowd on social media is becoming more difficult. To survive against the other cut-throat brands and influencers, you need to have a streamlined social media marketing strategy in place. Whether that be marketing for hotels, social media for restaurants, fashion retail, or any other kind of business, you need social media marketing.

You also need to capitalise on the up and coming social media trends of 2020. Having your finger on the online pulse is a crucial. The team here at VerriBerri, an agency that deals with social media marketing in Essex, have compiled just some of the trends that are worth knowing about and implementing over the next year.

Know Your Niche And Play To Your Strengths Not Your Weaknesses

The big players in the social media game, namely Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, are obviously worth utilising. If you don’t make use of them, you’re lumbering yourself with a distinct disadvantage. However, you need to make sure you’re targeting the right social media platform. Gamers for example, make use of Twitch and Discord. Businesses of various kinds opt for LinkedIn whilst influencers, celebrities and more personal brands exploit the personable nature of TikTok.

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Whatever you decide to use, make it targeted. Your business/brand will inevitably suit one platform best so make sure that’s where you focus your main time and energy. Generally speaking, Instagram, used correctly, is a safe bet to focus on; just make sure your content is as bespoke and curated as possible in order for it to do well.

The Rise Of The Smaller-Scale Influencers

Big name influencers don’t hold the sway that they once did. People that are now of more value to your business are smaller-scale, community based influencers that may not command the vast followings of the big-name influencers, but they’re trusted implicitly within their community. So, any interest or ‘hype’ generated by these accounts will much more likely convert into potential custom for your business. The emphasis now is on getting a larger proportion of a smaller audience on-board with your business.

Smaller influencers invite more trust, offer a more intimate feel and provide more long-lasting influence. In 2020, the key will be having many smaller-scale influencers endorsing your brand, ones that have genuine clout and staying power within your particular sector. These kinds of brand ambassador spark genuinely engaging discourse within an online community that is more likely to translate into custom for your business or brand.

Use Stories To Tell Your Stories

The humble story, once solely a Snapchat phenomenon now appears (or at least a variant of) on virtually every social media platform, especially Instagram. When it comes to growing your social media platforms organically, consistency is key. Consistently posting stories is a great way of garnering a committed fanbase. The ephemeral nature of stories, in particular, means that you think you’re getting more valuable and worthwhile content. Essentially, you think that you’re seeing content that other people may miss out on and therefore feel like a more treasured, or special follower as a result. Stories equate, therefore, not only to an increased followership, but a higher quality, more loyal follower as well.

It’s also worth thinking about the type of story you’re posting. Video stories add to that authenticity of a brand or account and feed people’s need for voyeurism more so than photos do. According to Socialinsider Blog, Instagram accounts with over 100k followers post stories on 14.4 days out of every month. Whilst correlation by no means equals causation, there is certainly no harm in posting more stories. Stories add consistency, a much more personable feel to an account and they invariably add professionalism to your account.

Social media marketing is best used in conjunction with email marketing and effective SEO strategies; getting it right in 2020 is as important as it’s ever been. If you feel your business is lacking in the social media marketing department, then give our friendly team at Verriberri – an agency offering social media marketing in Essex – a call today on 01376 386850. If you want to see more of what we do, then check out our Instagram page!