Social Media Marketing for Architects – The Rise of Homespo.

Social Media Marketing for Architects – The Rise of Homespo.

Today we will be talking about social media marketing for architects. Trends on social media seem to come and go like the ebb and flow of the tide; which of course, is, poetically, inevitable. From TikTok dances to Ice Bucket Challenges, not all trends will be ideal for your brand. It’s true, not all social media platforms will work for your business. However, it is worth considering new angles and reaffirming why; or, equally, why not your business is on a certain social media site. From Pinterest to Instagram, all social media come with varying pros and cons, and have various strengths and weaknesses. With the inevitability of trends, in this post, we’re exploring the rise of #homespo, and why it can help Social Media Marketing for Architects.

What is #homespo?

Much like other mash-up terms such as #fitspo, meaning ‘fitness inspo’; #homespo, ‘home inspiration’ covers all aspects of inspirational home-building, interior design, and architecture. Although #fitspo currently has 72.7m posts, targeted hashtags such as #homespo, which currently has 16.7k posts, reaches a niche and engaged audience, and thus is one to target. Whether it’s a post celebrating a beautiful pink art deco door being added to a new build, or the grand reveal of striking black concertina terrace doors on a character home, the niche hashtag presents a great opportunity for Social Media Marketing for Architects.

Recent studies have shown that half of all 25 to 40-year-olds turn to social media for home improvement inspiration. Whether that be the latest interior design trends or new ways to increase natural light in their home; a great number of potential clients are using social media to plan their next home improvement project. The world of social media is clear to have had a monumental impact on almost all market areas. Architecture is no exception. With something as personal as the home, clients will want to spend time making sure the daydream is as good as the reality. As they can get references and inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, why not embrace the trend?

Why does #homespo work?

People love to consume inspirational content, and curating your ideal home by saving pictures is just one way home development aficionados can plan their future investments online. If one wants to buy a new product, they’re surely going to look it up prior to purchase. This is the principle that is behind the psychology of #homespo. On the other side of the coin; if you want to get those all-important interactions with potential customers, then showcasing the beautiful end product is paramount. You can enhance your existing social media presence by showing off your good work to those online.

As an inherently visual trade, Social Media Marketing for Architects is surely a no-brainer for anyone looking to branch out and find new clients. Go where the demand is. Pinterest is the perfect platform to reach potential clients, as it works mostly with the ‘repost’ aspect; so if you can position yourself as a desirable and aspirational brand, you’ll quickly find yourself on a range of #homespo Pinterest Boards, and with an ‘in’ to a range of potential leads. 

What do people want to see?

If you open Instagram and go on to your explore page, if you move within home design circles, chances are you’ll have #homespo posts on your immediate radar. Social Media Marketing for Architects is not something that is new or particularly revolutionary; but it is definitely something you can take advantage of to ride the wave. One study found that one in six people who are active on social media will showcase their new home or home improvement journey on Instagram. If your client does this, you can repost them on your own account; using readily available user-generated content (UGC) from their accounts to post on your own!

Another aspect of Social Media Marketing for Architects is creating some aspirational content on LinkedIn. Aside from your regular content output, be that PR, articles, or client requests; it might be worth trying to position some content as aspirational. If you think about it, some of your most ready and waiting clients are reachable on LinkedIn. Almost 60% of active LinkedIn users are between 25 and 34 years old and can be classed as ‘affluent’ so when thinking about where to best place your efforts, you may find eager clients on LinkedIn.

How does it help an architectural firm?

Social Media Marketing for Architects can seem like a monumental task and how best to take advantage of it can often seem like a never-ending challenge, therefore it can be neglected to be taken advantage of. Being active on social media that has such engaged hashtags as #homespo means you can jump on the latest trends and raise awareness of your brand and your services. 

If your current social media presence focuses on the behind the scenes content and construction projects; then you might want to consider setting up a separate Instagram account with the finished product, showcasing your best projects, and getting some real #homespo to entice your next clients.

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