Social Media Marketing for B2B Companies: Making the Most Out of LinkedIn

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Social Media Marketing for B2B Companies: Making the Most Out of LinkedIn

At VerriBerri, social media marketing for B2B companies is something we specialise in. As experts for well over a decade, we have helped over a hundred businesses with their marketing. Our team are second to none when it comes to generating creative and captivating content that shines a spotlight on your brand. Moreover, we have even won multiple accolades that prove testament to our elite ability.

In addition to social media, we can offer support in your entire marketing strategy. As a full-service agency, the solutions we currently provide include:

  • Social Media Management 
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Event Management
  • Graphic Design (Branding, Website Development etc.)
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Crisis Management
  • Internal Communications

What Is LinkedIn?

Put simply, LinkedIn is the ultimate business platform. Created in 2002, this online portal was built for business networking and has since diversified into the talent acquisition sector too. Since the beginning of their existence, popularity in the UK has spiralled. Fast forward to 2021 and they now hold more than 26 million users in Great Britain. Worldwide, this figure reaches as high as 740 million members. 

How Can LinkedIn Help Me?

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As one ourselves, we know how important social media marketing for B2B companies really is. Although LinkedIn may have a more niche market than others, they are most definitely a flexible platform. With a wide variety of uses for business, LinkedIn is a vital tool that no B2B company should be neglecting. Read on to hear about how this platform can add value to your brand.

Lead Generation & Outreach

Of course, making a profit is the main focal point of every company and the higher this is, the better. When it comes to lead generation, LinkedIn is going to be your best friend. Outreach and networking on this platform will do far more than just gaining you some extra connections. In addition, it will help you drum up far more business too. Reaching out to companies that may benefit from your services is a great way to start conversations. The more time you invest in doing this, the more opportunities that will arise. The biggest advantage of LinkedIn is helping your business run at a fuller capacity. 

Recruitment & Headhunting 

When we think of this platform, one of the first things that comes to mind is often their recruitment tool. Some would even say that LinkedIn is fast becoming the king of the talent acquisition industry, taking over from other giants such as Indeed. Although there is an expense involved in using their feature, there are more inexpensive options for talent searching on this platform too. For instance, many businesses use the space for headhunting. All in all, LinkedIn offers more elite candidates which can be great when you are recruiting for more senior roles.


Its 2021 and unless you have some form on online presence, people will view this as a red flag. It seems that social media has become an increasingly valid way of vetting a company’s legitimacy. When sharing regularly online, this can assist in creating a more professional character for your business. Moreover, one that is credible and trustworthy.

When you work alongside experts in social media marketing for B2B companies, you benefit from more than just help with generic posting. At VerriBerri we can also aid your validity by creating multimedia such as graphics and videos too. These not only make you look more professional but they also deliver information in a more palatable way. This is important if you want to keep people engaged and interested.


Like with all marketing, visibility is the main objective. Being present online is never a bad thing and helps keep you at the forefront of people’s minds. Being memorable is a fundamental part of every businesses success, especially if you are in a saturated market.

When you establish good brand recognition, this leads to an increase in word of mouth. Providing this remains positive, people will spread the message about your company without you having to do any work. It’s the best of both worlds!

How LinkedIn Can Support Your Other Marketing Methods

Finally, social media marketing for B2B companies can also have a great impact on your other marketing methods. For example, your SEO value. Search engine optimisation is something many of you may have heard of. For those of you unsure, however, this process is essentially targeted at improving the way you rank on Google. For a more in-depth explanation, click here.

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When you build a following on any social media platform, this aids your EAT attributes. This is an anagram that Google use to help them determine how ‘good’ your website is. It stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. The more evidence you show of these characteristics, the more you are favoured. When your following and engagement is high, this proves that people enjoy the content you share. Hence, you start ticking boxes. 

Where You May Be Struggling

Of course, social media marketing for B2B companies doesn’t come without its fair share of disadvantages. There is no doubt about it, this form of marketing is extremely lucrative. However, where you might be struggling is with the time it takes to build your online presence. Social media marketing for any business is time-consuming. Despite this, it really is worth it.

Furthermore, another issue you may run into is lack of creativity. Posting regularly means you may find it tricky to come up with ideas that haven’t been done before. If you’re struggling with creating unique content, we want to help.

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At VerriBerri, we believe every company should be investing in social media marketing. If this isn’t your forte or time is of the essence, why not enlist our help? As professionals in this area, there is no task we cannot handle. For more information on how we can help, call us on 01376 386 850 or click here.