Social Media Marketing for Drinks Brands

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Social Media Marketing for Drinks Brands

Social Media Marketing for Drinks Brands is a no brainer really. Social media can be a fantastic place to advertise food and drink content; this is why having a clear plan for how best to run Social Media Marketing for Drinks Brands is key. The drinks industry is a niche in itself. Out of the top 50 hashtags on Instagram last year; ten of them were lifestyle-related, and therefore can be connected to your brand. From #lifestyle to #luxury, there will always be a niche available for you to encompass. If not, who’s to say you can’t carve one out for the brand yourself!

Pushing Engagement Online

It is estimated that the average engagement rate on Instagram for beer, wine, and spirits brands is sitting just above a healthy 1.5%; a great market to be in, where some of the biggest names can see up to 2.9%. Keeping your users engaged is key. Make your posts interesting. Much like scrolling through another Insta Story showing off a cocktail night is really boring; you’ll want to add some substance to your posts. Social Media Marketing for Drinks Brands can sometimes be hard, since your product is a consumable, and more often than not the sole USP of the brand is the consumable. However, it’s important to keep your audience engaged and want to come back for more.

Exclusive Content = Engaged Customers

The way for your audience to want to come back to your online presence again and again is to make it worth it. You’ve got to add value. Something that can add value to your online presence is by hosting Takeovers on your socials. This can happen on any social media, from hosting live Q&As on Twitter to Day-In-The-Life content on TikTok, people love to see behind the scenes! Whether it’s your charismatic admin assistant who wants to take the reins or your head brewer showing off your top-tier processes, this content can work to really humanise your content.

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Another clever way to enhance  Social Media Marketing for Drinks Brands and take your content to the next level is to try running a long-term campaign with your audience. One idea that springs to mind is a live tasting experience. Set up a campaign with your marketing team that will push sales of a particular product, or perhaps a range of products that customers can buy in a pack.

Set a date when you’re going to host a takeover or prepare in-house for a live tasting session and be sure to create a personalised hashtag too so you can keep on top of engagements. Build the hype closer to the time, and keep up the pace until last orders, as it were. On the evening of the event, feel free to run it as you wish, staying true to your brand, you’ll have engaged live viewers joining in and creating all-important user-generated content (UGC), but, if you plan it well, you’ll be able to secretly instill a sense of FOMO in those who didn’t take part, and will surely want to join in the future.

Under the Influence

Influencers can work wonders when planning Social Media Marketing for Drinks Brands, it doesn’t need to be a large-scale campaign, just a takeover is necessary. In that vein, you don’t have to go looking for the latest teen sensation to market your product. All you need to do is take some time to work out who is an influencer in your industry. That may be a big name sommelier or a drinks blogger, but choosing someone who users trust can align them with your brand in the long-term.

Know your Brand and Know How Best to Use It 

Most of us will know and love BrewDogs familiar humorous tone, or regularly chuckle at Captain Morgan’s pirate-speak posts. That’s because, quite simply, they work. Now, we’re not suggesting you need to overhaul your voice and tone completely for your online presence; but when it comes to Social Media marketing for drinks brands, your brand should feel as accessible and personable as possible. When thinking about your brand’s voice, you must keep in mind that a drink of choice is an extremely personal matter. Not everyone will like your product. However, when you find the market area that does, that’s when you can really embody the brand.

If you can, take some time to work on personalised hashtags. One great example of this is Bud Light’s #famousamongstfriends. It’s aligned to the brand, but it’s useable not in the context of the beer. This means that people who use the hashtag may do so to engage with the brand, but also can be used in other ways. This is what personalised hashtags do so well, be able to bring the brand into the wider life of your customers. 

Our Top Takeaways

  • Keep your users engaged. Don’t make them click away to access content. Be the place they can go to for authoritative advice and authentic storytelling. 
  • On that note, make your posts shareable or re-postable. One way to boost yourself in the algorithms is for users to share your content on stories, or with friends.
  • Team up with complementary products or services to add value. Whether that be a local fishmongers for your white wine range, or a master brewer to talk about your live beer festival, be interesting.
  • Use a bold, consistent, and brand-focussed voice and tone. Build familiarity with your audience and the kind of person they envisage when they think of your brand. Do they see a BrewDog millennial, or do they imagine Captain Morgan himself?

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