Social Media Marketing UK: Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Identity

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Social Media Marketing UK: Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Identity

It’s no secret that social media marketing in the UK is one of the best ways to boost your brands visibility. What’s more, many of you will already have basic skills surrounding the online world. Therefore, there really is no excuse as to why so many companies are still missing out. Arguably, not working on your online presence is detrimental to the overall longevity of any brand. 

At VerriBerri, we are elite specialists when it comes to social media marketing in the UK. Day to day, we help a portfolio of brands to build their following and boost their sales. Our dedicated team of content creators have tackled lots of different projects, both big and small. Regardless of your individual circumstances, we’re confident we can deliver amazing results.

The Difficulties You’ll Face with Social Media Marketing in the UK

Although lots of companies take care of their own accounts, this won’t be achievable for all of you. Using platforms for pleasure and marketing are two very different things. Although this may seem obvious now, you’d be surprised how many businesses overlook this fact. 

Before taking on any new project, you need to ask whether you have the time available. Unfortunately social media, like all marketing, can be a lengthy process. Not only do you need to create content to share but also, write captions for said posts. Following this, you need to engage with people. These may all seem like simple tasks but you would be surprised with how long they take. The bottom line is, if you don’t have enough spare time to dedicate, it just isn’t worth trying. Bringing in a team to help will alleviate this unneeded stress.

As well as this factor, you then need to assess your own ability in being creative. Many of us business owners can be technical minded however we often fall short when it comes to creative tasks. Even if you are this way inclined, you’re likely to quickly run out of ideas. Getting your social media spot on is a collaborative effort. At VerriBerri, we have spent years building our close-knit team and we believe this to be one of our strongest assets. Not only does this help create a happy working environment but also one where you can bounce ideas off one another. It’s safe to say, ideation is never an issue with our ever-growing workforce.

The Top 4 Platforms for Business

Knowing which platforms you should be posting on is tricky however, finding your place is not impossible. The four top outlets used for business welcome a broad array of companies from different sectors. Although difficult to pinpoint without more detail, we can assure you there is a platform out there for you.

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Starting with social media giant, Facebook, this still remains the most popular of the bunch. In the UK alone, it is recorded that Facebook rakes in a whopping 51 million users. Globally, this amounts to over 2.1 billion people. In terms of demographics, there is a surprising bias towards men. Despite this, social media marketing in the UK is never quite this simple. Through our experience, we have always found Facebook more suitable for marketing towards women. Something you may not have known without the valuable knowledge of a professional. What’s more, companies offering family, lifestyle or beauty products typically do well here.

Moving onto one of the most obvious, LinkedIn. Of course, this platform was built mainly for business networking. Naturally, B2B companies are going to see the biggest ROI however, that isn’t to say B2C companies cannot flourish here too. On the whole, LinkedIn attracts more male users of a higher income. Therefore, brands with a more professional feel are likely to get the most back.

In the social media world, Twitter is often seen as quite the anomaly. Although more popular in the states, they are still reported to have 15.25 million UK users. Within this figure are lots of businesses that span many different sectors. Twitter welcomes companies of every variety from more corporate businesses even through to the adult industry. Honestly, there isn’t really anyone who cannot use this platform. 

Finally, we come to Instagram. This platform is most popular amongst younger audiences. Their demographics also have a slight bias towards women. This means that sectors such as fashion and beauty excel here. Moreover, any real business with a physical or creative product can utilise this platform for showcasing their abilities.

How to Boost the Engagement on Your Posts

Despite the difficulties, you may still be adamant in attempting your own social media. However, this isn’t going to be successful unless you also invest time into improving the engagement on your posts. Here are some quick pointers the team put together for anyone trying to grow their following:

1.    Get To Grips with Hashtags

Many people think the science behind hashtags is simple. However, there is quite the algorithm behind the way these help boost your posts. All in all, hashtags allow you to be more discoverable. When done properly, not only will more people see your content but these are more likely to be accounts with a genuine interest. Hence, your following will spiral. 

2.    Get Your Audience Involved

How Instagram is key to social media marketing

Realistically, in order to keep people engaged, you need to be posting content that gets your audience involved. Most platforms allow you to run polls. You can use these to ask your audience anything, for example, what they would like to see next from you. When asked a question, it’s human nature to want to answer. Therefore, including these in your captions allows you to build more of a community on social media. The more interaction you receive, the more your content will be pushed out to more people. If your customers feel their opinions are valued, this will also help promote brand loyalty. 

3.    Use Every Feature

Social media platforms are constantly evolving to compete with one another. Therefore, keeping up with new features is important. For instance, posting regularly on your Instagram story simply helps you stay at the forefront of your follower’s minds. One idea that usually does well is showing sneak peeks of new releases. This will help you to build anticipation and exclusivity. With this will come more word of mouth and a steady increase in followers. Moreover, features such as LinkedIn’s recruitment tool will help you get the most out of your marketing. 

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The key point to take away is that social media marketing in the UK is indispensible. Further, it could just be the most important part of your entire marketing strategy. 

If social media isn’t your forte, why not get in touch? We would love the opportunity to expand on why we’re the perfect match for you. To reach the team, click here!