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SOCIAL media marketing

The way the business world works is always changing. The most notable development in recent years is the introduction of social media marketing. Using social platforms as a marketing tool has been effective for many businesses worldwide. VerriBerri are experts in assisting companies with marketing strategies and implementing social media into their brands.

The rise of Social Media Marketing

Before the 2000’s, the internet was mainly used for forums and online dating. 1995 to 2002 is when it started to evolve into something that could be utilised as a viable marketing tool. The introduction of search engines like Google and Yahoo meant companies had to create websites, adapting to an online presence. With this came SEO strategies. 

When social media arrived in a few years later, it became apparent that these could be used for not only personal gain. Businesses set about creating profiles in order to further solidify their online face. Customers started to move towards social media too.

Some Social Media Facts

We have put together a list of facts that really drive home just how big social media has become:

  • 3.9 billion people worldwide use some form of social media to interact with friends, family and businesses across the globe. 
  • Twitter sees 192 million daily users 
  • The social media platform Facebook is worth $279.95 billion 

Just from these three points, you can see that social media is one of the most useful tools available to businesses. With the access to it being worldwide, it would be a missed opportunity to not utilise these platforms correctly. 

Why does social media marketing work?

There is something so unique and personal about how we use social media. Potential and established customers see it as a more intimate way to interact and view their favourite brands. It makes your business approachable and human. As a social media marketing agency, VerriBerri understand how tone of voice and other small things can have a big effect. 

It is also something that is so accessible to everybody. With the last year pushing people to spend more time on online than ever before, engaging with customers on socials has never been more important.

What can a social media marketing agency do for you?

social media marketing Instagram

Many people have a grasp on social media. This, however, does not extend to posting on behalf of their businesses. This is a completely different kettle of fish. VerriBerri are a specialist digital marketing company. We know exactly how to utilise social platforms in the correct way. Hiring a company that knows the ins and outs of social media can benefit you greatly. To find success with this form of marketing, you need to know your audience. Our team are all fresh-minded, and full of ideas that are tailored to you and your brand. VerriBerri will narrow down which platforms are best suited to your business to ensure you are targeting the correct audience.

Social Media Advertising 

These days, social media is a lot more complex than just putting together a post. There are other elements that need to be taken into account and one of these is social media advertising. Organic social media reach does work, however, sometimes it needs a helping hand. It is important to consider a budget for a focused paid ad campaign in order to reach that desired audience. 

Community management 

This is the all-important personal touch we were talking about earlier. People are always wanting to feel connected and valued by brands. Social media has made way for a type of customer interaction that would never have been possible in the past. It is also important to get feedback and ideas from your target audience and interacting with them is a way to avoid this without running expensive market research. At VerriBerri, we have seen first-hand the impact that quality community management can have on a brand. Using this type of approach, we can gain feedback from your target audience and adapt your content accordingly. As a business, you may not have the time to engage with your followers on the level that is needed to grow a successful following. We can do this for you, so you can focus on the other day-to-day running of your business.

Multimedia creation

graphic design

An interesting social media profile contains more than just text posts. Pictures and graphics are just as vital to growing a successful social presence. Our team are multiskilled and can incorporate on brand graphics into your content. This is a fresh approach to content and one people often leave behind, or don’t think about in more detail. Whatever we produce for you at VerriBerri will fit with your brand image. We also communicate with clients to produce a final product so that you feel our graphics reflect your company.

Navigating algorithms

Each platform has an algorithm. They all work differently and are all constantly changing and evolving. This makes trying to get your head round them difficult – unless you have expert help. Here at VerriBerri, we are professional in social media marketing and have been working with a multitude of platforms for many years. We understand what hashtags work and how to use them to your advantage. Our team can avoid making your social media presence ‘spammy’ so that the algorithm won’t suspect you of being a bot. This is often a mistake people make; they think posting more will increase their chance of getting engagement, when really, it’s much more involved than this. Most algorithms will mark multiple posts, following sprees and liking sprees as spam and will likely penalise you for it. 

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