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UK Sports Marketing Agency

Based in Essex, our sports marketing agency is one of the largest in the east of England. During our 12 years within the industry, we have worked with a range of clients across the sector. No matter whether you’re a sports retailer or personal trainer, based in the UK or US, we have the skillset to help your brand reach an entirely new level. What’s more, VerriBerri is a full-service agency. This means that no matter how big or small the project is, we have the capacity to handle it. 

Why You Should Be Marketing Your Product Now

With 2021 firmly upon us, many people have started planning New Years resolutions. Within the sporting industry, there is always a spike in demand during this time. This is especially true with the year we have just come out of. With the pandemic still looming above our heads, people are seeking self-improvement now more than ever. The sporting industry is one that is heavily saturated with a few giants taking monopoly over the sector. Given how busy this time should be, you shouldn’t be holding yourselves back and keeping quiet. Instead, you need to be making as much noise as you can. Marketing is the perfect way to help you do this and now is the best time to start.

Branding and Packaging

No business can avoid branding. It’s often the first thing that consumers see of your company and without it, your business would be non-existent. Get it wrong and your reputation will suffer. Get your branding right, however, and your company will flourish. It really is as simple as that.

Alongside this, your branding should also set you apart from others in your industry. Although it may be tempting to copy that of a competitor who is doing well, you must avoid this at all costs. If you look too similar to another business, it’s likely the line between the two will become blurred. This will make you difficult to remember and as such, you’ll no longer be the ‘go to’ when people want what you offer. Furthermore, copyright infringement isn’t something you want on your plate. 

If you’re promoting a product rather than a service, packaging will play a vital part in your sales. As humans, we’re often drawn to packaging that is aesthetically pleasing. This means, if you’re able to get it right first time, you’re naturally going to see more interest. As well as this, packaging is often what tells a potential consumer what your product is. This means it should always echo your brand ethos as well as indicate what you do. This way, people know where to turn when looking for the products you offer.

Search Engine Optimisation

The retail industry is one that has taken a massive hit; due to the virus. If the high-street wasn’t already dying, it definitely is now. This means that more than ever, we’re using the internet to find what we need. With such a heavy reliance on the online space combined with a saturated market, boosting your ranking on Google could be make or break. It’s for this reason that SEO needs to be a heavy focal point in the sporting industry.

Search engine optimisation is something that many people lack understanding in. This is because it is such a specialised and technical process. Given this, it’s highly advisable that you bring onboard a team of experts to help. Not doing so could result in damage that is hard to reverse.

As a sports marketing agency, we’re often asked why ranking is so important and how SEO works. Well, as a company, Google make it their mission to constantly improve the experience of their consumers. This includes only suggesting the best content that will offer the right results. In order to assess which content is the most useful, they created their algorithm. This algorithm lays out certain features Google believes the most helpful sources will include. As the end user, we’ve grown used to finding the answers we need within the first three results. With this, it’s proven that results below the top few are more often than not, ignored. If your top competitors are ranking above you, you can bet your bottom dollar that most of the traffic is going to them. If you’re able to improve your ranking, you will of course see more people clicking on your site. This will convert into more sales for you in the long run. Helping expose your brand to more people and promoting growth along the way.

Social Media Management

You may be wondering why anyone would pay for a service they can do themselves. This is often something we’re asked when it comes to social media management. Despite this, it’s one of our busiest areas of the company. This is simply because people underestimate just how much work needs to go in this form of marketing. From posting on a regular basis to making graphics. Photography all the way through to understanding the various algorithms, it’s never quite as simple as people first think.

Getting the balance right is tricky but building engagement is even harder. Despite this, it would be irresponsible for a company to ignore just how popular social media has become. No matter your direct target audience, there is always a platform out there for everyone. It’s difficult to suggest which outlets specifically you’ll need to use without further info. To give a general overview, however, you’re likely to benefit from the help of both Instagram and Facebook. Of course, for more tailored advice or a free proposal, it’s always best to get in touch with our sports marketing agency.

What You’ll Love About Us

Lots of people are put off marketing when they see the cost that comes with it. Although London agencies may charge a hefty premium, being based in Essex has allowed us to be much more affordable. With much cheaper costs, we’re able to pass this saving onto our valued clients. This way, you’re able to get more for your money without compromising on quality.

Our clients truly are at the heart of everything we do, and we recognise that we wouldn’t have a business without you. In order to provide the best possible service, we like to take time getting to know our customers inside and out. From here, we then go about putting together a completely bespoke package for you. This takes into account things such as your ethos and values as well as budget. Doing this allows us to better cater to each individual need. Overall, this helps to bring you a better ROI.

Furthermore, the PR element of our company guarantees its results. We are so confident in our abilities, we know that we can do this with absolute certainty of success.  

If this wasn’t quite enough to sway you, we’re also a multi-award-winning marketing and PR agency. This is something we’re incredibly proud of and we’ve worked hard to achieve. Hopefully, this goes part way to proving our excellence. No matter what capacity you need us at, you can be confident we’ll deliver. 

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Here at our sports marketing agency, we’re keen to see more people benefit from the work we do. Seeing you grow is a big passion of ours and something that really dives the team. For more information on the services we can offer, why not get in touch? 

In usual times, we prefer inviting our clients in for a casual chat and cuppa. Although COVID may have put a stop to this, we’re always open to a Zoom call. To contact us you can simply click here!