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start up business marketing

We are a multi award winning, reputable marketing company based in Maldon, a small town near Chelmsford, in Essex. Are you are struggling to carry out your marketing? Do you find that no matter what you do it just doesn’t seem to gain enough traction? Perhaps you struggle to have enough time to implement marketing tactics? Whatever the reason our award-winning marketing agency are here to help. 

We have an amazing reputation and were established in 2009. Over a decade of experience has left us with a team of experts who can help you to grow your brand with our help. 

Start Up Business Marketing. 

We work with both new businesses and global brands. However, we absolutely love helping a new company flourish and have tried and tested techniques for start-up business marketing. It’s hard enough setting up a new trade and dealing with all the associated tasks without having to worry about increasing sales. With competition at an all-time high, your marketing will make or break you. To try and ease the strain here are some tips. 

Before you launch any kind of marketing effort, the first step is to have a strong team. You need people who are experts in their industry. At a basic level, you need a content creator, graphic designer and PR agent. 

  • Choose your target audience. You need to identify who is going to buy from you. Unless you are a massive brand people will not know who you are so start small. Take a hard look at who will want what you are offering.
  • Make sure your branding is strong. If it is inconsistent you will just confuse people.
  • Make sure you have all your social media platforms set up to link back to your site. Again, make sure your branding is consistent.
  • Attend networking groups locally. Let people know who you are.
  • Be professional. Whilst the start-up scene is full of people dressed casually, stand out with a uniform or smart dress code.

We touched above on having a content creator. 

When you are start-up business marketing you need someone who can create content for your website and social channels. They need to be able to curate quality content and understand SEO. 

Content marketing has proven itself time and again throughout 2019. Experts consider that 2020 will continue much in this vein, but with an altered focus.

Blogs will be longer, and focus more on quantity of information delivered to the reader. It goes without saying that the quality is still expected. 

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Online content should be posted a minimum of once per week on your website. Some sources have indicated over 1,500 words per blog but we think over 700 words is sufficient. 

You should have a presence on social media, but only the platforms that directly benefit your company. If you aren’t going to get any exposure or sales from it, it would be better not to set it up. For example, a solicitor is unlikely to gain any meaningful traction on TikTok. 

Looking objectively at content marketing is hard. We would say that although it is a great way to reach customers, it is best used alongside other methods, Like PR and SEO. 

Whatever you do with your marketing, for start up businesses marketing, the goal you wish to achieve and how you will get there really is the key.

Utilising other members of your team. 

Many employees carry out roles that don’t appear to have anything to do with marketing, however directly impact on your ROI. From the shop floor to the MD, every member of staff has the power to affect your marketing efforts. For start up business marketing it’s vital you get this right.

There are many opportunities that non-marketing departments can use and take full advantage of. By ensuring you brief all staff on the following points you can increase your client base.

Do all your teams ask your customers how they were referred to you? Finding out how they heard about you is the best way of measuring what marketing efforts are working and what are not. Make sure anyone and everyone that meets customers or clients asks this question.

Naturally, once you are in possession of this data it will need to be shared or it will do no good at all.

It could be argued that the most important marketing mistake is forgetting or not understanding the brand. Ensure everyone fully appreciates that your brand is your company image and the message is put across by every member of staff.

If part of your branding is a personalized service then every single person in every single department should keep that in mind. A good example would be using the customers name to keep that personal feel. If someone on the shop floor does not abide by this the image will start to slip. It’s one thing to tell your customers you do something and quite another to actually do it!

Understand your customer.

Smart marketing comes back to one thing, Return on Investment. You want more money back than you put out. Admittedly this can sometimes take time. You need to look at using tools that are low on cost and high on efficiency. When you are Start Up Business Marketing you can’t afford to waste money.

Use messages that stick. To do this you do not really need a huge marketing budget. You just need to know that your message is going to be remembered by your target audience. 

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Marketing is all about your customers and not about your business. Powerful marketing speaks about your customer’s pains and problems and how YOU will resolve them. This is the moment that you can capture your reader – and all because they know you understand.
A great example of this is an insurance policy. You are not buying a bundle of paperwork, they are selling you peace of mind.

So how do you stay on top of your customers needs and wants? The first step is to ask them. Gaining feedback is the quickest and easiest way to find out how to sell your product and it’s practically risk free.

Once you know why people chose you, as hard as it is, look at why others didn’t. What put them off? How can you change that?

We hope this brief introduction has been helpful in offering advice for your start up business marketing. If you have any questions or need further advice we would love to help, just get in touch.