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Start Up Fashion Marketing Agency

I don’t think you’ll disagree with our fashion marketing agency when we say the fashion industry is a diverse and hugely popular field worth billions. 

It is notoriously hard for fashion brands to make an impact. The industry is completely saturated with people trying to get their brand out there.

Even in a hugely saturated market such as fashion, you can still gain the exposure you need to sell to the public and create a trusted brand. You can do this through outsourcing to a fashion marketing agency.

Here at VerriBerri, we pride ourselves at being the choice for many designers when it comes to investing in a fashion marketing agency. Our team have compiled some of the ways we can help your start-up.


When it comes to achieving exposure that has a great ROI, you want to steer away from advertorial media. This avenue is notoriously expensive and realistically, people ignore adverts. Instead, we go down an editorial role. This means that our fashion marketing agency would use our PR team’s media contacts to secure articles that your brand could feature in organically. When run alongside marketing campaigns this is extremely effective in making the brand look credible while gaining national and international exposure.


Search Engine Optimisation is enhancing your website so that it ranks higher on Google and other search engines. Optimising your site so that it is on the first page of Google for relevant keyword searches means that your brand looks credible and trustworthy. This will lead to a lot more traffic going through your site that should convert into more sales.

Graphic design

Having professional looking graphics on your online platforms is essential in making you look trustworthy to the public. A graphic designer that works in a fashion marketing agency will be able to create images and graphics that can be used in any campaigns running for your brand.

As a fashion brand, you are going to rely heavily on marketing as a source of income and brand awareness for your business. It goes without saying that your marketing strategy will be key in the success of your fashion brand. This is especially true in such a popular industry. Because of this, it’s so important to have a marketing plan in place to have something to refer to in months to come.

Why do I need a marketing plan? 

A marketing plan will highlight your aims for the future of your brand and how each one is going to be achieved. It will show you what marketing tools will work for your business and how each one will build your brand awareness or have an impact on your sales.

With the help of a marketing plan you will know how to achieve each goal and in what time frame you will start to see some results.

Without this it can seem hard to know where to start. Marketing is a huge industry with so many different avenues to take. This way you have a clear view on where your time is best spent.

Not only will a marketing plan show you what you should be doing, it will show what similar brands or competitors have done too. This will highlight what worked and didn’t work for them so you know which ideas to avoid.

How will I know what marketing techniques work well for me?

This is where research comes in handy. The more research you have done the easier you will find this. After all, there are several different marketing techniques, so having the time to attempt at all of them will be expensive but also wasteful.

By working with an experienced fashion marketing agency, you will be able to achieve results efficiently and cost effectively. Here at VerriBerri, we have a research assistant in house, who will be able to study several other brands without you having the stress of doing it yourself.

We can offer you help and guidance with your marketing plan or if you wish we can support you by implementing your strategies and marketing campaigns. It can be the perfect way to free up your busy schedule and take a small percentage of the stress away from running your own business.

For more information please contact our fashion marketing agency. today on 01376 386850.