Streetwear Marketing Agency

Streetwear Marketing Agency

At VerriBerri, we are a specialist streetwear marketing agency. We work alongside streetwear fashion brands to bring them ground-breaking results through the techniques we’ve spent a long time perfecting. Not only are we responsible for bringing clients an increase in sales but also for promoting loyalty and bringing more visibility to their brand. If you’re looking to make 2021 your best year in business yet, look no further.

Wondering Where to Start?

Marketing covers a vast expanse of services and with this, it can often bring confuse companies on where they should begin. This is where you may find it helpful to discuss your options with a streetwear marketing agency. We create tailor-made, bespoke packages for all of our clients, to cater to their every need. This means you won’t have to waste money where you don’t need too, ensuring the best ROI as possible.

In the meantime, let’s begin exploring some of our recommended techniques when it comes to putting together your marketing strategy:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you’re selling your products online, then you’re likely to have a website. SEO is the process a business goes through in order to try and improve their ranking on Google. Given that over a quarter of searchers will only click the first organic result, this should be reason enough that you need to be implementing an SEO strategy. 

Fashion as a whole is an extremely saturated market. As such, it can be hard to make noise within the industry. This is where SEO can play a key part in increasing your memorability. When people search for things relating to your company, the higher you appear, the more likely they are to click. If they like what they see, this will then convert into more sales for you and so on. This sparks a chain reaction and before you know it, people will be spreading the message about your brand left right and centre. 

The amount of information on the internet is copious. Without some sort of filtering system, Google would have no idea what information to suggest to us as their users. This is why they introduced their algorithm. These guidelines set out some crucial criteria for businesses to stick too which determine how well you rank. Within it, it includes the likes of content creation, back linking and back-end optimisation. All of which quickly become abundantly technical the more you dive in.

Public Relations (PR)

When it comes to PR, influencers could be huge for your brand. Given that your main target demographic is often fairly young, this is a great way to reach them. No matter what we’re up to, we’re not far off from consuming more social media content. This means that wherever we are, we’re exposed to the efforts of brands using influencer marketing. 

Utilising influencers is more of a modern area of PR. Nonetheless, it’s one that our streetwear marketing agency have seen great results from. No matter our age, we’re influenced by those around us and the information we see. It just so happens that your audience are notoriously known for having their eyes glued to a phone. 

Whether you’re a fashion lover, singer, dancer, or even a gamer, platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and Instagram welcome your talents. The more authentic content you produce, the more people become curious. With this, influencers begin to build a relationship with their audience meaning their opinions are valued. This means that when they show items they like; their audience will be tempted to buy. The art of FOMO works wonders when it comes to influencer marketing. This helps drive your profits through the roof. 

Another huge part of PR is gaining exposure through printed or digital publications. When it comes to streetwear fashion, you’re probably best off with a concoction of both mainstream and industry specific media. This means gaining leads in a variety of publications. The more press coverage you’re able to gain, the better this will be for your brand recognition. PR is also particularly great for building a solid reputation for yourselves. 

Social Media Management

This is the area of marketing that companies tend to feel the most comfortable with. 2020 has meant most of us have been stuck indoors. With this, lots of us turned to social media as a comfort. When scrolling on our phones, lots of us fall into the trap of buying things we didn’t even know we needed. This is because social media works as a great platform to persuade people to visit your website. What’s more, it’s an area our streetwear marketing agency know like the backs of our hands. 

Given your target audience, it’s likely that you’ll want to utilise platforms more popular amongst millennials. For example, Instagram and YouTube. As well as being wildly popular amongst younger generations, these platforms are also great for showcasing your work. Given that their sole purpose is for sharing multimedia, they’re perfect for companies like yourselves who have a visual product. Posting regularly and building a decent following is almost guaranteed to bring you a large influx of website traffic. On top of this, it’ll also help boost your SEO.

Furthermore, social media also has far more uses than just the one. Besides bringing you more sales, you could also use social media for customer service. In a society where people have little time to spend sat on hold or playing email tennis, they’re likely to favour brands they can get in touch with more easily. Being able to fire off a quick message and come back when a reply has been received is far quicker than the alternative.

Get in Touch

If what we’ve discussed sounds right up your street (if you pardon the pun) why not get in touch? We’re a team of young and diverse individuals ready to get stuck into new creative projects. We’re passionate about seeing brands grow alongside us and getting to utilise our skillsets. For more information on the work that our streetwear marketing agency does, you can contact us by clicking here.