Riding the Hype Train: Thoughts from a Streetwear Social Media Agency

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Riding the Hype Train: Thoughts from a Streetwear Social Media Agency

So you’re launching a new collection and you’re in need of a streetwear social media agency. Want to see people buying your bricks and pinball machines? Queues snaking around the corner on launch day? Things like that do only come with time, but if you play your cards right, you can position yourself as a Supreme or Palace. Which ultimately is the goal, right? Here, our social media team lays out the best practices for riding that Hype Train.

What exactly is hype?

You know how everyone goes a bit crazy when the new iPhone comes out? When the new Yeezys drop? That. That’s hype. Now, it’s hard to perfect and has taken on a bit of a new meaning in recent years. The term ‘hype brand’ is reserved for those which have this effect, amplified. Something like Stussy, where they can justify low quantities and high prices. 

Digital First Marketing

The big thing to remember when building hype for your brand is digital marketing. Since you’re rejecting traditional media and opting for the digital route, you must make sure quality comes first. This is in both your marketing and your product. You’ll have a hard time building hype if your product is low-quality. You’ll have an equally hard time building intrigue if your marketing is shoddy. The key for us as a streetwear social media agency is teasing. Yes, you want to show off your products, but you must get the right balance. You don’t want to come across as advertorial or pushy when trying to build hype. The whole point of hype is that it’s… hype. The thing about it is that your customers do the hyping for you, and the best say to do that is on social media.


Ah, the I word. The coveted influencer. They can offer so much traction for your brand. They offer authenticity, authority, and accessibility. When looking at influencers for a hype brand, you have a range of options. From musicians to athletes, and lifestyle influencers, hype brands can basically choose their own niche. Your markets, most likely Millennials and Gen Z, are more likely to trust an influencer than a traditional celebrity, so getting a big name to be attached to your drop is a must.

Social Media Agency in Essex

You must be sure to choose influencers carefully. Don’t just send out loads of PR packages if your brand is exclusive, so must be your marketing. It will be a waste of time, and money. Really go for those which are the look, voice and vibe of what you’re trying to do. When looking to hire streetwear social media agencies, look at what they don’t offer as well as what they do. You’ll want to ensure your agency is prepared to put in the work to curate a specialised list for you to look over. 

Secret drops

Remember when Beyonce released an album out of the blue on Spotify, the Internet basically exploded. That’s your aim with a secret drop. To turn everyone, from the mainstream press, to social media, and fans into a frenzy. A great way to do this with a hype brand is to collect your super in-crowd of influencers and get them all to post at the same time. Make it something to do with your brand. If your brand is called Lucky Rabbit, get creative and get them all to post #downtherabbithole at the same time.

Something a streetwear social media agency might suggest under normal circumstances is a big party. All your favourite influencers are there and you’re not invited. Unless you opened their IG story at the right time and swiped up just in time to get your hands on an exclusive hoodie. Speaking of which, use this as an opportunity to consider if you’re able to link this to a collaboration.


Collabs are great, and are likely to pull in new audiences. Especially if you’re new, and want to gain traction. There are two main kinds of collaboration you can do. Firstly, as a streetwear social media agency we would consider talking to a designer, or artist who fits your vibe. Generally we’d pick someone who has a large or cult following on social media. You’d enter into a deal where they design for you and make some limited edition stock. It doesn’t even have to be the whole collection, even a piece designed by them that encapsulates the brand would work. This can be your ‘hero piece’ from the collection, and of course will form the centerpiece. Another collaboration idea is to work with an outlet. Good examples of this include Balenciaga and Off-White setting up shop in Selfridges on Oxford Street. They’ve made great use of this opportunity by making a pop-up shop that is both exclusive and a perfect photo-op. People want to come to Selfridges to take a picture in the Balenciaga stall. There are some products you can only get in these stores in person, so, to your international audience, they’ll surely be jumping the hype train.

Building a hype brand takes a lot of planning, a lot of secrecy, and a lot of time. If you’re looking to build your streetwear brand’s next campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert marketing and PR by calling us on 01376 386850 or sending an email at [email protected]