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Here at VerriBerri, we are a Sudbury marketing agency. This means that we are responsible for constructing elite marketing strategies for our clients; and then implementing them. Our team have a vast knowledge of the local area but also, the global marketing landscape too. Having worked collaboratively with businesses from a vast array of sectors, we’re confident there isn’t any project we can’t take on. Moreover, we have been awarded many accolades across our 12 years in the marketing industry. These achievements have covered everything from our team securing ‘Best Marketing and PR Agency 2021’ to our MD winning ‘Businesswomen of the Year 2020.’ 

How Marketing and Advertising Differ

The difference between marketing and advertising is a question we get asked almost every day. Understandably, the two often get thrown together so we see how the lines can become blurred. Despite this, there is a clear difference that you need to be aware of. 

When you’re being advertised too, you know about it. This takes form in digital billboards, adverts on the TV, and so on. Where marketing differs is in the subtleties. When executed well, people shouldn’t necessarily notice than they are being marketed too. Although their end objective is the same, think of marketing as an incognito version of advertising. 

Which is better, you ask? Well, we may be biased but marketing… obviously. 

The Main Benefits of Marketing

  1. Memorability and brand recognition. This is one of the main objectives of any marketing strategy. The more people see of you, the more they will remember you.
  2. Reputation. Sharing your expertise helps build your credibility. Making your brand more personable will make people feel more connected.
  3. Competition. The more attention your brand receives, the less that goes to your fellow competitors. 
  4. Cost. Marketing is infinitely cheaper than advertising, with studies showing the results are up to 80% better. 

The Services We Offer

Our Sudbury marketing team are multi-skilled. This means we are able to offer help in every aspect of your marketing strategy. We have departments covering every method you could ever need. Whether you’re just looking for help in one area or an all-round approach, we’ve got you covered!

Public Relations (PR)

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As experts in public relations, we know that the terrain can be difficult to navigate. With journalists being somewhat unreliable, press leads are easily lost. At our Sudbury marketing agency, we put our customers first. It’s for this reason that we introduced our PR guarantee. As the only agency in the UK to offer such security, you can be rest assured in our delivery.

Of course, PR goes much further than press coverage. Whether you’re looking for help in your upcoming influencer campaign or wanting to appear on a popular podcast, we have the contacts to get you there. As a reputable name withing the industry, we now benefit from publicists coming to us for help with their stories. With us on side, the opportunities are endless.  

Social Media Management

Social media isn’t everyone’s forte. Using social platforms in your everyday life is extremely different to marketing on them. Although you may have a general insight into the innerworkings, this doesn’t mean you will be successful.

Building a following on social media is tricky. Moreover, making sure your followers engage with your posts is even harder. If this is something you’re struggling with, our creative content team are here to help! 


Branding is an area of marketing that no business can swerve. Despite this, that doesn’t mean every company has done a good job. To dispel the myth, branding isn’t just about your logo design. It’s about creating the entire identity behind your company. By working with our experts, you benefit from an entire branding package. This includes branding guidelines, an eye-catching logo and also, a defined tone of voice. 

Website Development

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It is reported that 2 million businesses within the UK still don’t have their own website. Given the current climate, this has most likely been devastating to their brand. With more of us turning to buying online, it’s integral you get your website in order now.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as just having one. In order for your business to be successful, your website needs to be effective. This means ensuring it is easy to navigate and offers the right information to your customers. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Arguably, having a website is pointless if you aren’t also implementing search engine optimisation. In order for people to make their way to your site, it needs to be visible. When working on your ranking, you help build your brands discoverability. The higher you position, the more organic traffic this will produce.

As we touched on previously, website development and SEO work in tandem. You cannot have one without the other. Whilst SEO helps drive traffic to your site, your website then needs to covert these clicks to sales. 

What You’ll Love About Us

At VerriBerri, we are one of the biggest agencies within the South East. This is a title we’re proud of and our team is forever expanding. On that note, we believe our workforce to be second to none. Not only are they creative but highly dedicated too.

Customer service is important to us and making sure we go above and beyond is a main priority. We recognise that every business is unique. This means the approach we take with your marketing strategy is going to differ. At our Sudbury marketing agency, we promise completely bespoke packages to all of our potential clients. This allows us to take better consideration over your needs, target segment and also, budget. 

Contact Our Sudbury Marketing Agency

The invention of the internet has meant that competition in many sectors has become fierce. Arguably, to be successful now, you need to be marketing to the masses.

If your marketing strategy is something you’re looking to develop, we would love to offer a helping hand. Our Sudbury marketing agency enjoy seeing our clients excel. If you’d like to get in touch, we’d love to chat! To reach the team, just click here!