Sustainable marketing and PR

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Sustainable marketing and PR

Sustainable marketing and PR should be standard practice.  

As the saying goes, there is no planet B. 

Environmental considerations have been at the forefront of many of our minds for a good few years now. In almost everything we do, there is a strong link to ‘going green.’ Veganuary, single use plastics and the Extinction Rebellion protests may still be hitting the headlines, but it’s no longer a shock that people don’t just care; they’re passionate. 

Sustainable marketing practices shouldn’t be just a by-product of what your brand does. It must be at the lead of both your strategy and execution.

Good businesses often say that they are environmentally conscious, however carrying this out over a long period can prove difficult. We help you to not just let people know you are moving towards, or in, a sustainable place. We also help you maintain momentum. 

Why is sustainable marketing so important? 

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Unfortunately, sustainable marketing is still difficult. We know that customers care, so why is getting this corporate message across so difficult? We have statistics aplenty showing us that people pay attention to social credentials when choosing a product or services. However, getting them to act on their good intentions is an entirely different ball game. 

Many believe that the issue isn’t with the public, but with the way eco-friendly services and products are marketed. Unfortunately, people have a ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude. Thus far, a significant proportion of the sustainable marketing campaigns launched have completely avoided what we all learn in promotional 101 – hit the consumers pain point. 

We all want a better world. Most everyone wants to do what’s right for the planet. However, they still want what will make them look good. As a result, campaigns need to hit a balance between ‘this is good for the planet’ and ‘this is good for you too.’

It is vital brands start taking note of this approach. If they don’t, not only will their sales suffer, but vitally, so will the world we live in. 

How do we approach this? 

There are three main points to consider when marketing your sustainable product or service. The functional, social, and emotional benefit you are providing.

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Let’s pretend that we are selling an eco-friendly alternative. For the purpose of demonstration, we will say a vegan cookbook. 

Functional benefit. i.e. – what does this product do for the customer. A vegan cookbook should promise to provide solutions to the reader. Ideally offer ideas they would not have considered without it. IT should offer quality; such as a number of recipes, with images, and tips and tricks. 

Emotional benefit. This is the ‘je ne sais qoui’ that you get when you buy something new that you really like. You can’t quite explain why you feel like you do; but you have an intangible feeling of pleasure. The book could, for example, have beautiful pictures. Or a well-designed front cover. Perhaps the pages are a thick, rich paper that are a pleasure to touch? Whatever way you paint it, your product or service should give the consumer emotional value. 

Finally, we have social benefit. How will this look for me. There may currently be making a lot of vegan jokes making the rounds. However, social researchers have found that veganism is now considered cool. The movement, like many, is driven by the younger generation. Almost half of UK vegans are under 34. 

55% of consumers are happy to pay more for environmentally friendly products. 

As you can see, this is a nuanced industry when promoting your brand. Our team are experienced in all things sustainable and are genuinely passionate about making a difference. 

In a world full of digital marketing mediums, it can be a struggle to stand out. 

If sustainability is more than a buzzword to you, why not get in touch with our team. You can call us on 01376 386850 or click here to fill in our contact form.