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Sustainable marketing specialists

As vastly experienced sustainable marketing specialists, we recognise the growing importance and popularity of environmentally sustainable products and services. Environmental concerns are on the rise, with the growing threats surrounding climate change and environmental degradation being more widely accepted. 

Whilst it is important to consider the environmental impact of your operations, selfishly, your profitability should also be contemplated. With up to 75% of potential customers considering sustainability when making a purchase, this cannot be disregarded. The potential impact of doing this is relatively clear, but it still must be reiterated. Unsustainable activities severely limit the scope of your potential target audience, impacting reputation, revenue, and long-term business viability. 

If your brand does promote sustainability and eco-friendliness, it is essential to communicate this to the public. Positive perceptions of your brand can have a substantial impact on its awareness, boosting your audiences interest in your business. Despite going the extra mile to be sustainable, many of these brands fail to portray themselves in such a way. This could include utilising PR, content marketing or many other strategies to enhance your public perception. As a fully integrated marketing agency, we have over a decade of experience in doing exactly this. 

So, if you think your brand could use a boost, perhaps the time to get some external help is now. All of the aforementioned services have the potential to benefit your brand, but if implemented incorrectly, they can prove to be detrimental.

Our Services 

During our extensive tenure as sustainable marketing specialists, we have used various strategies to boost our clients brand image. The key thing to remember is that no two businesses are the same. 

Considering this, the strategies we offer will vary in effectiveness depending on your specific business. Social media may benefit someone more than others and event management may not help your business at all. Before journeying towards your marketing vision, it is important to determine what strategies will actually benefit your brand. This is where we can help. 

From the get-go, we are 100% transparent with every communication or suggestion we make. Honesty and transparency are key values to us as VerriBerri. This means that we will never try to sell you anything that won’t actually benefit your business. Some of the services that we do offer include: 

  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Public Relations 
  • Event Management 
  • Graphic Design 
  • SEO 
  • Business Development 
  • Content Marketing 


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For those of you looking to boost the visibility of your brand, PR is the absolute cornerstone of enhancing awareness. PR involves the positive communication of your brand to its target audience. For many eco-friendly and sustainable brands, the facilities for this are already in place. Also, due to the growing demand for sustainability, journalists will be all over the chance to promote your brand. By promoting your brand in newspapers, magazines or trade press, you can effectively convey it to your intended audience. 

With over 12 years of experience in proving PR for eco-friendly brands, our portfolio of connections is extensive. We have worked with various publications in conveying the sustainable nature of businesses to the general public. These can range from local trade press, to the evening standard, and even BBC News online. Whatever direction or exposure you wish for your brand, we have the sufficient capabilities to achieve it. 

However, PR isn’t always positive portrayals. Negative PR can always arise for brands through unforeseen factors such as rogue journalism or critical reviews. The effect that negative PR has on a brand is quite self-explanatory. The age old saying “any PR is good PR” is no longer the case anymore. This means a damaged reputation, decreased consumer interest and lower revenue for those affected by negative PR. 

Therefore, it is important to prevent and manage any negative PR than could arise. At VerriBerri, our crisis management team is on hand to prevent exactly this from happening. Whilst being sustainable and eco-friendly reduces the risk of negative PR occurring, it can still be absolutely possible. Therefore, having an effective and responsive crisis management team on hand is something that cannot be overlooked. 

Social Media 

Social media is another method of portraying your sustainable values to the target audience. By exploiting its cost-effective global reach, social media provides the perfect channel for quickly conveying your brand to the public. With nearly half the world’s population owning a social media account, no other marketing tool provides the same reach. 

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Sustainability is increasingly relevant amongst younger audiences in particular. With 89% of those aged 25-34 have a social media profile, this enables social media to become the perfect medium to convey your brand’s ecological activities. 

However, this isn’t as simple of a process as it may seem. No longer is it suitable to just have a online presence. Now, it must be developed, maintained and tailored with your specific target audience in mind. Also, a lot of time must be allocated towards creating engaging content, communicating with your audience and responding to messages. 

Now it’s probably not sounding as straightforward as you first thought. If this isn’t something that you can handle yourself, it may be worth calling in some sustainable marketing specialists. 

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With many different directions to take and techniques to use, it is important to understand exactly what your vision is. As mentioned, some techniques will benefit your brand, whilst others if used incorrectly could set your strategy back years. With over a decade of experience in proving multi award-winning marketing services for sustainable brands, this has become evident. 

Establishing a concrete direction to take your brand is the first step in developing a successful marketing strategy. Whether your brand is modern or well-established, VerriBerri’s sustainable marketing specialists can help lift it to the next level. To find out more about us or the services we offer, click here to speak to the VerriBerri team.