Adapting for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is changing

Just today, news broke that Thomas Cook have appointed Chris Chalmers; the digital marketing director of Asda; as the travel agent’s UK marketing and e-commerce director. This most definitely signals a sign of the times, with organisations, including ones the size and stature of Thomas Cook, having to adapt to the ever-changing digital environment. In … Read moreAdapting for Digital Marketing

Asda’s International Rebranding

In all supermarket comparison adverts Asda is symbolised as a jazzy and eye-wateringly bright green, we’re familiar with the slap on the bum (that’s Asda price) we also know the red and yellow price stickers, but the chain is now dusting off the cobwebs and replacing them with shiny new branding. The fresh logo and … Read moreAsda’s International Rebranding