Does Your Business Need a Crisis Management Team?

Marketing agency Essex crisis management team

Have you found your business in a sticky situation when it comes to PR or other important situations? If the answer is yes, then you may need to call in the help of a crisis management team. What is a crisis management team? One minute your business could be running smoothly and then the next … Read moreDoes Your Business Need a Crisis Management Team?

Your Restaurant’s Website Design Could Increase Your Clientele

Web design for restaurants

In order to draw in prospects, your restaurant will need to implement a mouth-watering website for them to land on, ensuring they have no desire to eat anywhere else. Your website is vital for traffic into your premises. First impressions count for your Essex restaurant. Hospitality is such a competitive industry, especially in Essex, that … Read moreYour Restaurant’s Website Design Could Increase Your Clientele

Instagram – No Signs of Stopping?

Instagram growth social media marketing

There’s no doubt that social media is part and parcel of everyday life for those living in the UK. Facebook was the first social platform that really took hold and kept users returning, unlike its original competitor MySpace. Soon after, Twitter made an appearance and due to its ‘bitesize’ nature, it proved an instant success. … Read moreInstagram – No Signs of Stopping?

Trends to utilise for 2018

Marketing Essex trends and goals for 2018

With the New Year now upon us, businesses will look to explore alternative marketing strategies that can boost their company’s profile across the UK. Marketing is an ever-changing tool, so with that in mind, VerriBerri digital agency Essex will look at what could change in the way of marketing this year and the impact it … Read moreTrends to utilise for 2018

Poundland’s Naughty Elf Campaign

Poundland's elf campaign, Essex PR success

It’s the time of year where retailers strive to get ahead of the competition with innovative campaigns. VerriBerri marketing agency in Essex have already spoken about John Lewis’ annual advertisement and how it fell rather flat however, over the last couple of weeks, there has been a social media campaign that has taken the nation … Read morePoundland’s Naughty Elf Campaign

Using Instagram for Your Kids Fashion Brand

Marketing and PR for kids

We often talk about social media and immediately think of Facebook and Twitter, but how often do you think about what you’re posting on your Instagram? If your answer is ‘Never!’, you need to start thinking about an Instagram strategy for your brand in 2018. Instagram is an important tool; reaching over 700 million users … Read moreUsing Instagram for Your Kids Fashion Brand

Facebook Marketing with VerriBerri, Digital Agency Essex

With regulations changing you need to update your Facebook marketing

Social media is a key element to any marketing strategy these days and if you do not engage with it, then you need to do so right away. There are a plethora of platforms to choose from now, from conversational Twitter to more image-centred Pinterest. However, Facebook is still the most used channel, so marketing … Read moreFacebook Marketing with VerriBerri, Digital Agency Essex

Keep on Trend

Your business must adapt to technology

In today’s world, technology is ever changing. With this constant updating of software and digital media, both consumers and business alike are faced with the task of adapting continuously. Businesses simply can’t afford to sit back and let time and technology pass them by, because they will lose their competitive advantage and the cutting edge … Read moreKeep on Trend

Greater Exposure for Cleaners

For cleaners being in such a competitive industry, more exposure is needed

Some industries and businesses are underappreciated; with the work that they carry out going completely under the radar. As a result of this, these companies usually face a lack of exposure and business can suffer. One industry where this is prominent is the home cleaning industry; their work is tough and can be unpleasant, therefore … Read moreGreater Exposure for Cleaners