Essex Marketing Agency Talks – Offline Marketing

In this day and age online marketing has become a necessity for all businesses. It can be a free way of advertising, which for small businesses with lesser budgets it’s the perfect marketing solution. However it is of course important to remember the effectiveness of conventional methods that have bought in the business for centuries. … Read moreEssex Marketing Agency Talks – Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing VS Online Marketing

There are several differences between online and offline marketing for a business. This is commonly divided into two sections: traditional marketing and digital marketing. Unsure about the two? As a marketing company ourselves, we are sure to point you in the right direction. What is offline marketing? There are several different forms of offline marketing, … Read moreOffline Marketing VS Online Marketing

Is your online campaign actually reaching your audience?

Shocking new research has shown that target audiences are actually seeing only 47% of online campaigns. This just proves that many brands are struggling to target efficiently using digital mediums.  The research also showed that travel brands are most effective, reaching 66% of their target audience. Entertainment came in second at 64% whilst the financial … Read moreIs your online campaign actually reaching your audience?

Ello, Ello, Ello

For years now, Facebook has been the dominant force of social networking. With the likes of Myspace and Bebo dropping off the social radar and Twitter operating more in conjunction with Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild than against it, Facebook has seen booming user numbers and continued profit. Recent controversies involving data protection and advertising have led … Read moreEllo, Ello, Ello