Is Email Marketing Dead?

email marketing agency essex

With the use of social media marketing now becoming an extremely popular way to reach customers and the introduction of the recent GDPR regulations, many business owners are wondering; is email marketing still a vital cog in your marketing strategy? The short answer is: yes. The team at VerriBerri are here to explain why and … Read moreIs Email Marketing Dead?

Food and Drink Digital Marketing for Your Catering Company

Catering marketing and PR

It is all well and good being the best Italian, Chinese or burger van in the industry but if you have no one coming in to order, you’re not going to go very far. The fact is your food and drink marketing and PR needs to be as good as your food itself. The food … Read moreFood and Drink Digital Marketing for Your Catering Company

Why You Need to Invest in Social Media Marketing Essex Before 2018 Ends

Social media marketing before 2018 ends

If you’re the owner of an SME, you will be aware that you have to be careful in what types of marketing strategies you invest in. We understand that when you have a limited marketing budget, you’re going to want to invest in a strategy which generates leads, fast. People don’t often consider social media … Read moreWhy You Need to Invest in Social Media Marketing Essex Before 2018 Ends

5 Tactics You Need to Include in Your Hospitality Marketing Plan

Marketing and PR strategy for the hospitality industry

Are you a small B&B in the English countryside looking to get your name out there? Or perhaps you’re a brand new, glamorous hotel in London. Either way, it’s time to implement a marketing and PR strategy for your hotel so you can start raising awareness of your brand. At VerriBerri Marketing and PR, Essex, … Read more5 Tactics You Need to Include in Your Hospitality Marketing Plan

Email Newsletters For Your Hotel

Email newsletters are ideal for hotels to enhance their exposure

Any hotel business, big or small, will know that it is a struggle to have a sufficient amount of customers all year round and naturally there will be peaks and troughs throughout the year. This is where email marketing can come into play, in terms of communicating with past, or potential customers about what you … Read moreEmail Newsletters For Your Hotel

Your Bar’s 5 Star Rated Marketing Strategy

marketing is needed for bars

In order to attract customers these days, you need to be hot on the mark for marketing, especially in terms of social media as well as both mobile and email marketing. To reach a wide audience, you’re going to have to have an understanding of the specific types needed for marketing to each potential customer, … Read moreYour Bar’s 5 Star Rated Marketing Strategy

Why Hotels need Email Marketing

Hotels are in a good position to utilise marketing and PR

When it comes to utilising email marketing it is a fine line between success and failure. It cannot be denied that some firms are better-suited to email marketing whilst others may find it an almost ‘tacky’ method of building exposure. Businesses that feel their products or services speak for themselves are less likely to reach … Read moreWhy Hotels need Email Marketing

Hotels – Getting Ready for the Weekend

Get your hotel ready for the weekend

Hotels are used all year round, with midweek visits taking place largely due to business ventures or overnight stays. However, it cannot be denied that weekends are when hotel usage is at its highest point and you can see why. The Hotel Industry is Competitive. As a hotel owner, you will receive more customers at … Read moreHotels – Getting Ready for the Weekend

Marketing & PR for Sports Bars

marketing and pr for sports bars

When it comes to American concepts making it across the Atlantic, it extends far further than food and television. Over the past ten years, the amount of sports bars in England has increased. Further Growth in Sports Bars’ Popularity. These bars provide a sociable and lively atmosphere and you can be sure they will be … Read moreMarketing & PR for Sports Bars