Essex Boutiques

boutiques in Essex are popular

Boutiques are continuously growing throughout the UK as shoppers are tending to visit more niche fashion shops rather than high street chains. As the trend of boutiques grows, certain areas have become hubs for these fashion stores and you’ll see that in some places boutiques are popular, while in others they are sparse. Essex is … Read moreEssex Boutiques

Now’s the Time for Kids PR

With half term around the corner, kids PR should be implemented.

The amount of money in the UK that is generated through kids’ brands is astronomical. For children aged between 0-5 plenty of money is invested, due to them needing a new item of clothing every few months! Although parental involvement through purchasing decisions declines over time, the attention to children’s brands is still high. As … Read moreNow’s the Time for Kids PR

Make your Restaurant Stand Out

With there being many cool restaurants around the world, yours can stand out too

A while back you may have seen the blog from VerriBerri, which looked at some rather unique bars around the world. Although what made these bars unique was often a locational aspect (something that can’t be changed), we showed how our team at VerriBerri could maximise your marketing to exploit these unique aspects of your … Read moreMake your Restaurant Stand Out

Why PR is Necessary for your Restaurant

pr is essential for restaurants

Just yesterday we told you the importance of marketing for your restaurant and how VerriBerri could lend our marketing expertise to assist you. However the importance of PR cannot be understated and we believe it is particularly vital in the hospitality industry. Importance of PR It’s all well and good ranking well on Google and … Read moreWhy PR is Necessary for your Restaurant

Marketing & PR for Cocktail Bars

Higher end marketing is required for cocktail bars

Although cocktail bars have always been around, it seems as though they have really grown in popularity over the last five years or so. Drinking cocktails is now the fashionable thing to do and these days men challenge the stigma and go to cocktail bars just as much as women. Therefore as a cocktail bar … Read moreMarketing & PR for Cocktail Bars

Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Promote your Bar

Unique bars in the world and what we can do for you

There are a superb array of bars around the world, that each have their unique selling point (USP). Bars do not just rely on the drinks they sell to ensure they attract customers, they need something different; be it service, design or perhaps location. The intention here is for a bar to stand out from … Read moreDon’t Miss an Opportunity to Promote your Bar

Why VerriBerri is the Best for your Bar

VerriBerri's array of services can boost the exposure of your bar

It can be difficult to own or work in a bar. It’s a fast paced business with a constant stream of customers that eagerly await your service; it is most definitely a high-pressured industry. That being said, bars are sociable places that often evoke a friendly atmosphere. With this in mind you need a marketing … Read moreWhy VerriBerri is the Best for your Bar

Why VerriBerri should Market your Cakery

VerriBerri marketing for your cakery

The cake industry is highly competitive. Furthermore, baking cakes is a fairly inexpensive hobby and open to anyone, for this reason your cakery must stand out from the crowd to get ahead of the competition. VerriBerri’s Social Media Assistance With this in mind, VerriBerri is in a perfect position to market your cake shop with … Read moreWhy VerriBerri should Market your Cakery

The Changing Technological Face of Marketing

The face of marketing

In recent months, much progress has been made concerning advances in technology for marketing. More specifically, advances in immersive video are signalling a shift in the way firms’ view marketing, this includes both 360-degree video and virtual reality (VR). Though VR and 360-degree video are both young in their product life cycle, organisations are already … Read moreThe Changing Technological Face of Marketing

Why VerriBerri should Market your Tattoo Studio

Marketing for Tattoo

Like tattooists we consider our profession a work of art, with clients often relying solely on us to complete work to the highest standard, much like when customers want a tattoo crafted on them. With the responsibilities and qualities being so similar between VerriBerri and tattoo artists, you can be sure that we would be … Read moreWhy VerriBerri should Market your Tattoo Studio