Fyre Festival & The Lessons of Influencer Marketing

Fyre Festival influencer marketing - picture of crowd

If you’re an avid Netflix fan or have simply logged onto the internet in the past few days, then you’ll know all about Fyre Festival. Fyre Festival was a luxury music festival, created with the intent of promoting the Fyre Booking App, but became a disaster due to horrible planning and failed promises; with organisers … Read moreFyre Festival & The Lessons of Influencer Marketing

Tips on Keeping Your Delegates Happy

Corporate event venue black and white

To ensure your guests return for future events, it’s important to reinvent your attendee experience to keep your events fresh and innovative. Although it’s difficult to cater for several different tastes and preferences, it’s the event organisers responsibility to ensure everyone enjoys the event. Our event organisers have offered the following tips to implement the … Read moreTips on Keeping Your Delegates Happy

Organising Successful Awards Ceremonies

Successful award ceremonies trophies

Whether you are organising a fundraising evening or awarding your team for their excellent commitment and work ethic. Award ceremonies are a great way to bring your team together and enjoy an occasion of feel-good fun.   Although you’re not organising the Oscars, preparations will need to start early to ensure a smooth and easy … Read moreOrganising Successful Awards Ceremonies

4 Benefits of a Product Launch

Benefits of product launch

An opening event offers an exciting chance to gain maximum exposure and interest in your brand by attracting new and loyal customers. It’s a valuable way to showcase your products through an experience suitable for your audience. Although there are several reasons to consider a launch event, our event management team have broken them down … Read more4 Benefits of a Product Launch