Instagram – No Signs of Stopping?

Instagram growth social media marketing

There’s no doubt that social media is part and parcel of everyday life for those living in the UK. Facebook was the first social platform that really took hold and kept users returning, unlike its original competitor MySpace. Soon after, Twitter made an appearance and due to its ‘bitesize’ nature, it proved an instant success. … Read moreInstagram – No Signs of Stopping?

Social Media for Hotels

Social media is vital for hotels

The importance of social media cannot be understated. Many firms often consider social media as being their virtual ‘store-front’ rather than a website, that just shows the extent of social media’s importance in the last five years. For industries that are customer-focused and therefore rely on positive rapports with the public, such as hotels, social … Read moreSocial Media for Hotels

Social Media for Italian Restaurants

social media must be utilised by Italian restaurants

Social media presents itself as an interesting dilemma for places such as Italian restaurants. As mentioned yesterday, the majority of Italian eateries promote themselves as being classy establishments, however it could be argued that social media contradicts this sophisticated approach, as social platforms are usually more informal in nature. Why Social Media is Essential Though … Read moreSocial Media for Italian Restaurants

What Social Media can do for your Restaurant

Why social media is perfect for restaurants

Social media is a key element to any business’ marketing and PR strategy. It is the perfect way of easily keeping in contact with the public, something that was originally achieved through email marketing which, although still a good tool of communication, is not as widespread as social media. The need for Social Media For … Read moreWhat Social Media can do for your Restaurant

Raise the ‘Bar’ with Instagram

Why Instagram is an available tool for Bars

Instagram is the fastest growing social media channel and it has been for quite a few years now. With over 700 million users sharing well over 5 million photos daily, Instagram is a platform that must now be a key element of your marketing strategy in order to lift the profile of your business. For … Read moreRaise the ‘Bar’ with Instagram