Marketing children’s ​brands

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Last week, we spoke about the importance of inclusivity in marketing. But what does this mean when its more industry specific? At VerriBerri, we know quite a bit about marketing kids brands and children’s PR. This industry, in particular, is one that can easily be adapted to include youngsters of all ages, sizes, genders, and … Read moreMarketing children’s ​brands

How to be a Marketing Master

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Entries are now open for the Masters of Marketing awards; an event held annually in London; with categories covering every aspect of a marketer’s job. The event celebrates creativity and innovation in the world of marketing and highlights the most effective campaigns of the year. This got us thinking about what makes a marketing master. … Read moreHow to be a Marketing Master

Why Marketing Strategies of 2018 Featured Inclusivity.

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Something that is frequently picked up on if companies fail to do it, is being inclusive. It’s something that marketers, businessowners and staff alike all need to consider. Brands that only appeal to and represent one race, size, gender, sexuality and ability, amongst other factors, are appearing more problematic than ever. It can damage brand … Read moreWhy Marketing Strategies of 2018 Featured Inclusivity.

Marketing to Parents

Marketing to Parents

Marketers are changing the way certain items are advertised and are facing increasing pressures to target audiences only over a certain age. McDonalds and Pepsi agreed to stop advertising any products to children under the age of 12 that did not meet certain nutritional standards, while it has also been questioned how ethical it is … Read moreMarketing to Parents

SEO for Beginners

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Starting a business and then trying to increase traffic to your website can be a challenge. Many business owners feel frustrated when they’ve taken the time to build a website and have a range of products ready to go, but realise they aren’t appearing on search engines. If you don’t want to splash out on … Read moreSEO for Beginners

Marketing Kids Brands Online: What New Challenges Will You Face?

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Children face many online dangers including pornography, sexual grooming, and online trolls. These threats are growing as a result of their evolving digital behavior. Therefore, it should be no surprise when we say online PR and marketing comes with a number of strict safety restrictions. Since the dawn of the Internet, the Children’s Online Privacy … Read moreMarketing Kids Brands Online: What New Challenges Will You Face?

Psychology Behind Marketing and Kids PR

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Have you ever tried speaking to your kids while they’re gawking at the TV? Transfixed by the bright colours, flashing images and smooth sales speak? It can be an impossible task for parents to get their kids attention. Especially as they are competing with marketing and advertising directors who are experienced in capturing and holding … Read morePsychology Behind Marketing and Kids PR

Marketing Kids Brands Ahead of the Easter Holidays

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With Christmas now becoming a distant memory, the next big celebration in the 2018 calendar is Easter. With schools across the country soon to break for two weeks, it will leave many parents questioning what they should do to keep their little ones entertained. When it comes to marketing your kids’ brand, it’s important to … Read moreMarketing Kids Brands Ahead of the Easter Holidays

Things to Avoid when Marketing to Kids

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As a kids brand, it may be hard to decide how you’re going to target your core audience. This is particularly true now, with junk food and other adverts being banned from children’s media! With these recent bans in mind, it’s important to consider the ethics of marketing to children and the impact this could … Read moreThings to Avoid when Marketing to Kids

Using Social Media for Marketing Kids Brands: Are Twitter and Facebook enough?

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It’s notoriously difficult to keep up with the younger generation – one minute Facebook is all the rage, the next it’s apps we have never heard of! So how exactly can you keep up to date with these platform-hopping kids? Even the most renowned kids brands are still trying to understand how to promote their … Read moreUsing Social Media for Marketing Kids Brands: Are Twitter and Facebook enough?