The Importance of Content Marketing

Content creation

With regards to content errors, recently the BBC released a headline about English language tests with a spelling mistake in, plus ASOS advertised their “online” shopping service. This is enough to make you think about using a proof-reader in your business. VerriBerri can go one better by offering your business a team of skilled content … Read moreThe Importance of Content Marketing

Your Bar’s Pin-Pointed Marketing Strategy

marketing is needed for bars

In order to attract customers these days, you need to be hot on the mark for marketing, especially in terms of social media as well as both mobile and email marketing. To reach a wide audience, you’re going to have to have an understanding of the specific types needed for marketing to each potential customer, … Read moreYour Bar’s Pin-Pointed Marketing Strategy

YouTube for Personal Trainers

YouTube should be utilised by personal trainers

Over time, we at VerriBerri marketing and online PR have emphasised the importance of social media for a host of businesses, which also includes personal trainers, where the use of social media allows your PT brand to connect with the local community and grow your clientele. One social media channel that has not been examined … Read moreYouTube for Personal Trainers

Keep It Original

Marketing material should always be new and not copied

Mass media marketing is something that all major businesses undertake. Be it radio or TV promotion, this method of marketing can be expensive, yet its reach is incredible. With this form of marketing however, there is always going to be a critic, however sometimes something more sinister can occur and that is plagiarism of marketing. … Read moreKeep It Original

Multimedia Marketing through YouTube

YouTube marketing is an effective tool, as evidenced by Manchester City

Since its inception, YouTube has been an ever-growing platform for sharing videos. Often visited as a site for a few laughs, or to see your favourite YouTube ‘personality’, there is no doubt that the website will continue to grow, as the site becomes more personalised and offers an array of content. VerriBerri, one of the … Read moreMultimedia Marketing through YouTube

Essex Boutiques

boutiques in Essex are popular

Boutiques are continuously growing throughout the UK as shoppers are tending to visit more niche fashion shops rather than high street chains. As the trend of boutiques grows, certain areas have become hubs for these fashion stores and you’ll see that in some places boutiques are popular, while in others they are sparse. Essex is … Read moreEssex Boutiques

Boutique Blogging

blogging for boutiques is necessary to enhance exposure.

Building a rapport with customers and telling them a ‘story’ surrounding your brand is important to draw them into your shop and allow them to identify with your boutique. Of course, this identification with a brand will therefore lead to more visitors to your store, which should naturally lead to more sales. Sharing a story … Read moreBoutique Blogging

Social Media for Boutiques

social media is useful for boutiques

Social media is perhaps the primary marketing tool that firms now adopt in the 21st century. With its inexpensive nature and the considerable reach that the variety of platforms bring, social media marketing is something that you simply can’t do without. Is social media always appropriate? There is a debate, however, that certain businesses are … Read moreSocial Media for Boutiques

Marketing for your Boutique

marketing is necessary for boutiques

Yesterday we wrote a blog about how PR is the perfect method to enhance your boutique’s profile by targeting mainstream publications and broadcasting your store to a wider audience. Well let’s not stop there, if you want your boutique to attack on all fronts to achieve greater exposure, then marketing tools should also be considered. … Read moreMarketing for your Boutique

How Marketing can Benefit your Catering Business

marketing is essential for caterers.

Yesterday we mentioned how VerriBerri are the perfect agency to work alongside your catering business, because we work in the service industry ourselves. This means we are fully aware of the daily business struggles you face and how we can help you overcome them. Now that you know that we are a personable company who … Read moreHow Marketing can Benefit your Catering Business