The Women Behind The Political Leaders

There’s a public relations power struggle, but it’s not another round of Miliband VS Cameron verbal fisticuffs. This is instead the wives, putting their polished pumps forward and doing a marathon of media legwork from behind the scenes. As the Election Day draws closer, it’s a busy week for the first ladies of British politics … Read moreThe Women Behind The Political Leaders

Personal PR – Making a name for yourself, for all the RIGHT reasons.

We may think celebrities have it easy. They have more money than they could ever need; they are often attractive, successful and famous. However for some celebrities it is all too much and they end up working so hard that they lose a little control. The pressure of fame can take its toll, and some … Read morePersonal PR – Making a name for yourself, for all the RIGHT reasons.

5 Top PR Stunts

In an increasingly saturated social sphere, making a name for yourself is becoming progressively more challenging. As a result of this, the need for positive public relations has never been more important. Here, we take a look at some of the most effective PR campaigns launched in recent years. One particular method of creating a … Read more5 Top PR Stunts