Three Ways to Prepare Your PR Strategy for Brexit

Brexit is a daunting time for many UK businesses. It may be uncertain as to how it will affect UK businesses, but it’s vital to get your PR strategies ready for whatever outcome may happen on October 31st. Here at VerriBerri, Essex PR Agency, we understand that focusing on marketing and PR might not be … Read moreThree Ways to Prepare Your PR Strategy for Brexit

Why Hire A PR Agency

When it comes to PR, it will often take three to six months before you start to see effective results on your ROI. However, if your company’s in-house PR team has yet to achieve the leads you hoped for, it may be time to outsource to an expert PR Agency. At VerriBerri, an Essex based … Read moreWhy Hire A PR Agency

Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Business needs a blog - laptop with blog on screen and mug on side

Blogs are now one of the world’s most popular ways of consuming information. When planned out well, blogs can be a valuable tactic in your digital marketing strategy. They increase lead generation and engagement with your customers. With this in mind, VerriBerri; SEO agency Essex, is here to give you three reasons why your company needs … Read moreWhy Your Business Needs A Blog

Fyre Festival & The Lessons of Influencer Marketing

Fyre Festival influencer marketing - picture of crowd

If you’re an avid Netflix fan or have simply logged onto the internet in the past few days, then you’ll know all about Fyre Festival. Fyre Festival was a luxury music festival, created with the intent of promoting the Fyre Booking App, but became a disaster due to horrible planning and failed promises; with organisers … Read moreFyre Festival & The Lessons of Influencer Marketing

Gillette – The Best A Man Can Be

Gilette me too campaign

If you haven’t seen Gillette’s new advert yet, where have you been? Gillette the industry leaders in shaving products have released a controversial advert that sees them publicly support the me-too campaign; shining a light on a new way of thinking towards masculinity. The world-famous shaving brand have played with their 30-year-old tag line ‘the … Read moreGillette – The Best A Man Can Be

Advertorial Vs Editorial: Understanding the Real Differences


One of the many tasks PR agencies in Essex have is managing the expectations of their clients, which can sometimes be challenging. Many businesses may not understand the PR process and are therefore unsure what to expect. One of the common misconceptions comes from what type of coverage you will gain; advertorial or editorial. As … Read moreAdvertorial Vs Editorial: Understanding the Real Differences

PR Agency for Sports Clubs

Sports club PR agency

Most sports clubs have public relations agencies representing them, here at VerriBerri we work with golf clubs to football clubs; however, how do you know you’re choosing the right PR agency for your sports team? In an age of sporting ambition and achievement, you need a PR team that deliver daring communication strategies, giving you … Read morePR Agency for Sports Clubs

My Business Has a Bad Review!

Bad review crisis management

Most people contact our crisis management team once a disaster has struck. Be it a bad review on Google, an outcry on Twitter or a newspaper scandal, it’s perfectly normal for our office to receive a worried call. First things first; don’t panic. In an ideal world, you would have a crisis management team and … Read moreMy Business Has a Bad Review!

VerriBerri Marketing and PR Essex: how to broaden your target audience

VerriBerri Marketing and PR Essex: how to broaden your target audience

Last week we gave you some tips for attracting more customers, but as businesses start to expand, so can who they appeal to. When it comes to marketing and PR in Essex, here at VerriBerri, we are ambitious in growing brand awareness. Having more people use your service or product from the same demographic is … Read moreVerriBerri Marketing and PR Essex: how to broaden your target audience

PR for your Spa

Essex PR for spas

For spas, one of their main selling points is that they provide a space that allows their customers to unwind, which many businesses can’t do, at least to the extent in which a spa can. However, spas require much more than just the recurring customer; it is a business that needs a consistent reach to … Read morePR for your Spa