How Can Your Hotel Can Use PR to Increase Your Bottom Line

How can hotels can use PR

We all know how much work goes into running a hotel; so many people outsource marketing and PR to a reputable hospitality integrated agency. So, once you start getting regular coverage, how can you capitalise on this to ensure you make the most of everything your hotel gets? Social Media. Your social platforms are a … Read moreHow Can Your Hotel Can Use PR to Increase Your Bottom Line

PR For Your Leisure Centre

Essex PR is essential for leisure centres

Only recently we spoke about how marketing is key for your leisure centre’s exposure. However, for even greater awareness and increased credibility, your leisure centre could heavily benefit from using PR as a tool. Importance of Public Relations Essex Public relations aims to put you at the forefront of your customer’s minds, putting you in … Read morePR For Your Leisure Centre

Avoiding Stereotypical Marketing

You must avoid stereotypical marketing like seen by Clarkes

Just yesterday the BBC reported that Clarks have been accused of ‘everyday sexism’ by assigning children’s’ school shoes stereotypical names. It is difficult to prove otherwise when the said names were “Dolly Babe” for girls, while the boys’ equivalent was branded “Leader”. The names alone suggest superior positioning for boys and an undeniably patronising approach … Read moreAvoiding Stereotypical Marketing

PR For Individuals: How could you benefit from our PR Services?

How PR can benefit individuals of all status

From renowned business owners to prime ministers, all famous individuals need and deserve a PR team. We not only positively represent you but constantly work to keep up your image! Our team work for both big corporations and small businesses, but there’s nothing quite like working with an individual! At VerriBerri, we see public relations as … Read morePR For Individuals: How could you benefit from our PR Services?

Benefit of PR for Influencers

Importance of PR for individuals

With a rise in reality TV it’s more important than ever to have representation if you’re planning on becoming an influencer. Particularly when things turn sour! The likes of Katie Price and Kim Kardashian have made millions starring in their own reality TV shows. In fact, it’s estimated that the Kardashian family make $100million per … Read moreBenefit of PR for Influencers

Our Top Tips for PR

PR is a key element in your marketing strategy to assist you with building your brand awareness and success as a business. Our Essex marketing agency offer our top tips on PR below. Pitching. When you are sending your information over to the press it is important to know how to pitch. You need to understand … Read moreOur Top Tips for PR

How to Pick a Good PR Agency

Business is tricky, and life doesn’t get any easier when you are trying to grow what you have painstakingly worked to achieve. There is no quick way to decide who can do what they claim and who is just after a quick buck but there are a few tips I can offer you. Go with … Read moreHow to Pick a Good PR Agency

Essex PR Agency Talks: Get Your PR Back on Track

I’m sure everyone’s seen the shocking crisis management following up the recent train and tube strikes!? Great Anglia, Southern Rail and Transport for London have all put daily commuters to a halt over the recent weeks, causing absolute chaos at the stations. Would you know what to do if your business hit a sudden disaster? … Read moreEssex PR Agency Talks: Get Your PR Back on Track

Helping with public relations and why it goes wrong.

It comes as no surprise that companies tweak their marketing campaigns to ensure their products look their very best but where do we draw the line? Last week the Guardian ran a feature on an item of kitchenware called ‘The Kenwood Chef’ which explained how due to public opinion weighing (sorry) on the side of … Read moreHelping with public relations and why it goes wrong.

Our Public Relations Specialists Talk: Psychology in PR

Psychology can be used effectively in a number of industries and makes up the vast majority of the models and concepts used in public relations and social media strategies. Perhaps you are planning a campaign to improve someone’s image or attempting to persuade people to use a new product. Either way the study of human … Read moreOur Public Relations Specialists Talk: Psychology in PR