YouTube for your Leisure Centre

YouTube is essential for leisure centres social media marketing

Social media marketing is, of course, very important for any business. However, something in which is not utilised fully by leisure centres is YouTube. This channel is viewed as much more chatty and personal in the eyes of the consumer, meaning your leisure centre could take full potential of this in order to grow your … Read moreYouTube for your Leisure Centre

YouTube is Essential for your Bar

YouTube for bars is a necessity.

Social media marketing is very important when it comes to building your bar’s exposure. Not only that, but bar or drinking channels on YouTube are in fact sparse, presenting a potential gap in the market for your bar. Why use YouTube? YouTube alongside other social media marketing channels, are a great way to connect with … Read moreYouTube is Essential for your Bar

YouTube for Personal Trainers

YouTube should be utilised by personal trainers

Over time, we at VerriBerri, media company Essex, have emphasised the importance of social media for a host of businesses, which also includes personal trainers, where the use of social media allows your PT brand to connect with the local community and grow your clientele. One social media channel that has not been examined in … Read moreYouTube for Personal Trainers

Multimedia Marketing through YouTube

YouTube marketing is an effective tool, as evidenced by Manchester City

YouTube is an ever-growing platform for sharing videos. It’s the site to both laugh and learn. There is no doubt that the website will continue to grow, as the site becomes more personalised and offers an array of content. We have stressed the importance of using YouTube to enhance your business profile, however the lack … Read moreMultimedia Marketing through YouTube

What Social Media can do for your Restaurant

Why social media is perfect for restaurants

Social media is a key element to any business’ marketing and PR strategy. It is the perfect way of easily keeping in contact with the public, something that was originally achieved through email marketing which, although still a good tool of communication, is not as widespread as social media. The need for Social Media For … Read moreWhat Social Media can do for your Restaurant

Representing You and Your YouTube Channel: Individual PR with VerriBerri

YouTube for PR

Who would have ever thought a small video-sharing website started in California could pave the way for new kinds of “celebrities” and PR? Well, in our years of working in PR, we definitely couldn’t have imagined the website, YouTube, playing host to the next generation’s idols and celebs but it has most definitely happened. Breeding … Read moreRepresenting You and Your YouTube Channel: Individual PR with VerriBerri

YouTubers: The Untapped Marketing Goldmine

When considering celebrity endorsement, many minds instantly think towards television stars, singers, actors and famous personalities. But Youtubers are in fact the new marketing path, with rapidly rising popularity, freedom to video what they choose and millions of subscribers between them all, the wisest of the marketers are looking towards this internet alternative. Take the … Read moreYouTubers: The Untapped Marketing Goldmine