Teen marketing agency

teen marketing agency

Teen marketing agency

Teen marketing agency. Facebook’s popularity among teens continues to slip, while social platforms like Instagram and SnapChat are flourishing among this demographic.

Why? According to young people, SnapChat is more personal and Instagram gives you instant gratification when racking up those likes. Young people nowadays, supposedly, have three-second attention spans thanks to the increased use of social media.

These applications appeal to their quick minds by being very visual. Not to mention providing access to the rich and famous’s lives in what is fast becoming a celebrity culture.

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to please when it comes to online marketing and a hard audience to engage with. 

People are frightened their efforts will fail because the teenage trends move on too quickly to keep up with. In fact, it’s not as tough as it may seem. However, when the world’s largest social network is willing to pay $3 billion to Snapchat, just to regain its teen market, you know this demographic is not to be ignored.

The key thing marketing companies have to remind themselves when targeting this audience is that it’s far more effective to focus on creating a strong and appealing brand. Setting the trends rather than going on a wild goose chase to follow them puts you in a stronger position.

Young people are the reason behind why so many things go viral; this shouldn’t be a daunting prospect. They are so in tune with everything that happens online that if you get them onside, they can do your business the world of good.

It is important to appreciate that marketing to teenagers is different to marketing for children. Parents are usually the soul decision maker behind their child where as teenagers tend to be focused on consumerism and more likely to buy on impulse. Here are three top tips to capitalise on the buying behaviours of young people:

  • Don’t come across as condescending, gimmicks won’t do you any favors with this target audience. The brands and services that do well with the teen demographic are the ones that work organically. Just by giving them what they need.
  • Summer is a good time to sell; boost your promotions and marketing strategies accordingly. May and June are big spending months for teenagers as the end of school or college is looming.
  • Like all marketing, you shouldn’t make your audience feel like they are being sold. This is of vital importance with this group specifically. Teens are young adults, be sure to treat them that way.

There is some rhyme and reason as to why teenagers like what they like.

It’s not always just about what’s cool, it’s also about which technology allows them to have the most authentic connections, Snapchat is a good example of this. 

Advice often given to companies looking for a young perspective on their marketing techniques would be to get a young intern on-board. With VerriBerri, there is no need. We are a young, vibrant marketing team with our ear to the ground always aware and up to date with the latest marketing trends. Get in touch to find out how our teen marketing agency could help your business!