The Best Ideas For Your Property Marketing In Essex

Marketing and Pr for property

The Best Ideas For Your Property Marketing In Essex

Ideas For Your Property Marketing In Essex

The property market is constantly changing, it’s an incredibly dynamic sector of the market. To stay on top of all of the trends within the housing industry requires a concerted, proactive approach. There are various means of marketing at your disposal to capitalise on said trends. Marketing is an incredibly broad spectrum comprising of everything from social media and copy writing, all the way through to PR. The team here at VerriBerri, an agency focusing on property marketing in Essex, have put this blog together to explore the various facets of marketing you need for your property development business.

Old-School Print Publications

The property sector is one of the few that still remains a strong industry force within print publications. Luxury home, country-life and interior magazines are all genres which attract property leads and pieces. A double-page spread in a high-brow, glossy magazine will likely attract the same sort of attention that listings on a property website does. Magazines such as these carry with them established reputations and a sense of trustworthiness; this kind of prestige usually helps lead to enquiries about the properties your business has on display.

Press On With PR

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If you’re a property developer, it’s important to have a good PR team on-board. A PR team secure you the kind of coverage you want within the local community through lead generation; but they’ll also put as positive a spin as possible on any potential stumbling blocks there may be. With property development, marketing yourself in the best light that you can is vital. The construction of new property developments usually leads to some degree of backlash from the local community. This is especially true if there are any environmental concerns with the project.

With a PR agency by your side, you’ll be helped to mitigate these potential pitfalls. A PR agency will ensure that the news of your property development is widely circulated, and that it’s painted as positively as possible. With our team specialising in property marketing in Essex, your property development will get the recognition and coverage it deserves. A good PR team will also be able to secure places for your business at renowned trade fairs across the country.

Style Your Social Media

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We live in a time where if you want your business to succeed, you need to fully utilise social media. A well-managed social media strategy across several platforms will help your business engage with its target audience. From this you will grow a loyal following. Like with PR, social media coverage is a fantastic way of generating hype around your new property development. Also, because selling properties hinges so much on visual aspects, this lends itself nicely to social media platforms like Instagram.

Not only can you showcase the best parts of your property development in the way that you want people to see it; you can reach out to influencers, bloggers and industry professionals instantly. You can see if you can collaborate with them to generate increased coverage and traffic for your property development’s website. People place a lot of stock in a social media account’s feed, it’s many people’s first impression of your service. So, if you’re not taking the time to curate an aesthetically-pleasing yet professional social media feed; then people won’t think your development itself will be any different! Social media management takes a lot of time and energy; it’s better, therefore, to use a social media agency focusing on property marketing in Essex rather than necessarily tackle it yourself.

Build Up With Blogs

Organic SEO in the form of original copy or blogs is a fantastic way to drive increased traffic through to your website; this hopefully in turn leads to increased sales for your new properties! An agency specialising in marketing knows the best way to optimise your website’s content for good SEO value. This is especially important in 2020 following Google’s continual SEO algorithm updates and changes.

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Google is placing an increased importance on quality blog content, video content and a well-woven network of backlinks. These should all lead back to your website. If you can produce original video content of your development, using 4K drone cameras for example, your SEO value will benefit.

Targeting specific keywords (short and long-tail) that centre around your property development will make sure your site starts to rise through the search engine results pages (SERPs). Writing engaging copy takes a significant level of skill, but even more so it takes a great deal of time. As a business, you want to be focusing on your properties, designing and constructing them to the best of your ability, and not on the online minefield that is content and SEO.

Perhaps you’re unsure as to how your website is currently performing with regards to SEO? In this case, an agency that focuses on property marketing in Essex can run an SEO audit for you. This gives you a good indication of where you can improve and where you’re already performing well. Given that so much of today’s world flows through online parameters, making sure you rank well online is essential.

PPC Profits Your Business

Short-term expenditure in the form of pay-per-click advertising can lead to potentially big fiscal gains for your property marketing in the long-term. In fact, businesses tend to double their investment when using Google ads! Using paid advertising is a component, a cog, if you like, in a more holistic, overarching approach to marketing strategy. PPC is best used in conjunction with all the aforementioned marketing techniques. It’s important with PPC and adverts for the keyword phrases you target to have a decent search volume, but not be so competitive that your ad won’t get seen.

There have never been so many marketing opportunities for the property industry. At the same time, however, the property industry has never been so competitive. The upshot? You should be utilising a marketing agency.If you’d like to find out more about any of our services within property marketing in Essex, then get in touch! Call VerriBerri today on