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Top Marketing Agencies

Top Marketing Agencies – UK

Top Marketing Agencies: What to Look Out For

Here at VerriBerri, we are well known as one of the top marketing agencies in the South East. In fact, due to our multi award winning status; we pride ourselves on being one of the top marketing agencies in the UK. Despite our success, it hasn’t always been like this. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, like many others, we suffered. 

In the first few weeks, we lost almost a third of our client base in a matter of days. Naturally, this brought a significant level of anxiety as to how the company would survive.  However, we refused to sit back and watch it happen. As retaliation, we put everything we had into carrying out our own marketing. Ironically, this is something we hadn’t really been doing in previous years. We were the metaphorical builder without a kitchen. All our efforts we pointed towards our clients, and not ourselves. 

Fast forward to the beginning of 2021 and we’re now the biggest we’ve ever been. We have a substantial team of creative and determined individuals who we couldn’t have flourished without. Our success is based upon combining all our teams skillsets and expertise together, to create extraordinary campaigns. We left 2020 behind with six new employed and an entirely new office space. This was a huge step forward in terms of our growth. 

Although the globe is far from over the effects of COVID-19, we hope our success last year gives you some form of hope. Marketing really can boost your business and help establish your brand. 

No matter how much you’ve suffered, we are here to offer support. With many businesses facing financial difficulties, we know that every penny needs to count. It’s for this reason that we thought we would help by putting together a list of attributes that all top marketing agencies should have. This way, we hope to help you choose the perfect fit for your brand.

Customer Service

Without your customers, you simply wouldn’t have a business. Of course, this means that keeping them happy is vital if you want to succeed. With this in mind, the very best marketing firms should be making their customer service a heavy focal point. 

Marketing is not just an extra cost; it’s an investment into the future of your business. At VerriBerri, we like our clients to know that they’re not just an income to us. You are our partners and as such, we promise to work alongside you to bring you the very best. We care about your input and feedback. Therefore, we work hard to understand your brand and its values. Furthermore, we produce completely bespoke campaigns to help your vision come to life.

In addition, to help things run smoothly, we like to keep communication open at all times. There are numerous ways to keep in touch. We find that utilising Whatsapp groups and platforms like Slack, alongside the more traditional emails and phone calls keep our results high, and customer service unrivalled.  

Guaranteed Results

Any top marketing agencies should be able to guarantee their results. Before taking the plunge, you need to make sure the company you’re working with is competent. Unless you can believe in their ability, things are likely to quickly turn sour .

Asking for testimonials, case studies, and portfolios is not something you should be shy of doing. If a brand is confident in their work, they should want to shout about their successes from the rooftops. Any marketing agency not willing to speak about their previous experience and successes is a red flag.

In order to secure the very best for our clients, we introduced our PR promise. We all know that journalism is an unpredictable industry. With traditional PR relying so heavily on having articles published, it can be a stormy sea to weather. To our knowledge, we’re the only agency within the UK to offer a guarantee on our PR results. By doing this, we prove reliability and build trust within our clients. What you see is what you get with our team. If we say we can achieve something, it’s because we know we can. We’re passionate about pushing ourselves and we will always strive to go above and beyond. Regardless, we believe in integrity and promising unrealistic outcomes just isn’t our style.

Skills and Experience

Trusting an outside source with your business is a big deal. In addition to ensuring their capability, you also need to know they have experience in what they’re doing. Touching on what we said previously, checking out a brands background and experience is something you should always do. This will always help you to make a more informed choice.

At VerriBerri, we have been operating in the marketing and PR industry for 12 years now. We have a multi-skilled team, many of which have had hands on previous experience in the sectors we now help develop. For instance, a few of our team had worked in construction, healthcare, fashion, and hospitality previous to working in marketing. This means that we have a wealth of knowledge that we can inject into improving our work. Not to mention, we have seen every corner of each industry through our decade of experience. Having worked with such a rich culture of clients, there isn’t anything we’re incapable of tackling.


Being a businessperson, you will understand just how important communication is in everything we do. Working collaboratively with a team who listen is vital. Unless you’re able to get through to who you need too, things could quickly become complicated. 

Where many top marketing agencies fall short with this is by investing some of their workload into freelancers. We know this industry like the backs of our hands. Whilst freelancing may work for other sectors, marketing just simply isn’t one of them.

 Having to worry about multiple contacts is a burden we’d never want to place on our clients. With the team employed directly by us this means you won’t face difficulty in reaching us. What’s more, we make a conscious effort to touch bases with each of our customers on an extremely regular basis. This is in conjunction with using group chats for quick messaging and updates.

In addition to the above, you’ll probably also want to know where your money is being spent. So that our clients are always kept in the loop, we produce reports every single month that you’re working with us. These state how our time has been spent and what we’ve been focussing on. It also displays our successes and makes proactive suggestions. Our reports have proven to be an invaluable tool for our customers and something they really enjoy about our service.

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No matter how big or small your project is, our award-winning marketing agency is here to help. If your strategy is something you want to work on this year, why not get in touch? For more information on what we do, you can contact us by calling the team on 01376 386 850. Alternatively, click here to be redirected to our contact us form.