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Top PR Agency in the UK

To start by way of introduction, VerriBerri is a top PR agency with an outstanding reputation. We build and execute communications strategies for a range of clients year on year, helping to build their exposure. Our efforts allow organisations to bloom and establish themselves within their market – what more could you want?! 

In addition to being an established and trusted firm, we are also multi-award-winning too. This just proves testament to our team’s strong and undeniable capabilities. If you are in need of an agency who truly put their client first, you’ve come to the right place.

What is PR and How Does it Add Value? 

Public relations are a way of managing how the public perceive a brand or individual. Through PR, organisations are able to target both new and existing clients, broadening their horizons when it comes to making sales. 

There are a few different ways to gain exposure through PR. This can be generated through… 

  1. Articles in publications 
  2. Press releases 
  3. Influencer campaigns 
  4. Affiliate marketing 
  5. TV, radio and podcast appearances 

The approaches mentioned above can bring added value to businesses in many different ways. The list is endless! Below are a few of the main benefits of PR… 

  1. Brand Recognition 
  2. Lead Generation 
  3. Improved Reputation 
  4. Credibility 
  5. Trust 

What Is the Best Route for Me? 

Really, it’s impossible to know which is the best route for you without getting to know the company first. When you choose to work with VerriBerri, we spend time researching and understanding the organisation you work for, your competitors and your key customer segment. After all, you can’t sell more of something until you understand why people buy in the first instance. 

From our findings, we can then help you devise a plan of action. This is known as a PR or communications strategy. Every package we provide is tailor-made to consider your every individual need. This is just one of the things that makes us a top PR agency!

strategy team

Within the proposal we set out for you, we will detail the approach we plan to take and what we aim to achieve. Further, we will also provide monthly reports to show where we have spent our time and an insight into what we hope to do the following month. Communication is important, and at VerriBerri, we always aim to remain transparent with our clients. 

Crisis Management 

A lot of businesses are under the illusion that a crisis won’t happen to them. In actual fact, all it takes is a negative review online or for one person to make a mistake, and you could be under the spotlight. No matter the size of your business, a crisis can happen, and you need to be prepared for when it does. 

As a top PR agency, our experts are also fully trained in crisis management. Should you find yourselves in a sticky situation, we are able to heal your reputation by helping you create a well-formed public apology. Moreover, we can also help you to generate positive press that outshines the negative. 

It’s important that you see crisis management for what it really is – an insurance policy. We help to protect your business by forming a shield around your reputation. 

Our PR Guarantee 

Press is a huge part of PR. This means that a large part of our job requires liaising and negotiating with journalists. We won’t lie, reporters can be difficult to work with. Stories are often dropped leaving us hanging in the balance. 

Where traditional PR agencies tend to leave their customers at a loss, VerriBerri strive to be different. To this date, we are the only public relations specialists (to our knowledge) that guarantee our leads. This means that should an opportunity be lost, even through no fault of our own, we will work hard to secure an even better lead for you. 

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What’s more, integrity is important to us. We won’t promise you the world and then buckle under the pressure. Instead, we set realistically ambitious targets that we know we are capable of hitting. Afterall, we’d never want our valued customers to be left disappointed. 

Why You Need an Agencies Help 

Hundreds of thousands of businesses outsource their PR to professionals each year and for good reason. Below are a few reasons as to why it may be time you reach out to an agency… 

  1. Contacts: As you can imagine, in order to secure worthy press opportunities, you need to be somewhat involved in the journalism community. Agencies like ourselves spend years network nurturing. Without existing relationships, you’re going to struggle getting your campaign off the ground. 
  2. Time: PR is no easy feat and for those of you trying to run a business, this isn’t a task you want to be adding to your plate. This process involves a lot of pitching, writing and liaising with journalists – all tasks that take up a lot of time. We have the manpower to dedicate to this task that you most likely don’t. 
  3. Creativity: In order to secure opportunities, you need to be able to bring creativity and flare to the table. Coming up with different pitch angles is where you’re most likely to struggle. As experts with over 12 years of experience, ideation is never in short supply. 

How Else We Can Help 

In addition to being a top PR agency, we are also a marketing agency too! As a growing firm, we are constantly adding skills to our list of expertise. With departments covering every area of the landscape, we can offer a rounded approach that is stress-free! 

In addition to public relations and crisis management, we can also help you to: 

  1. Build and maintain your following on social media through engagement and sharing high-quality content. (Social Media Marketing) 
  2. Improve your discoverability on the search engine results page. (SEM) 
  3. Plan and manage events of all calibres. (Event Management) 
  4. Design and create high-quality branding, marketing materials and packaging. (Graphic Design

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