Top Tips For Dealing With Crisis Management In Essex

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Top Tips For Dealing With Crisis Management In Essex

Top Tips For Dealing With Crisis Management In Essex

For as long as there have been businesses, there have been crisis. Where someone looks to make money, somebody else will be looking to bring you down. That’s just the way of the world, and it will never change. There are also times, however, which lend themselves to crises more than others; the current state of affairs being one such example. COVID-19 can certainly be considered a crisis!

People often assume that crisis management refers solely to dealing with external crises – a PR disaster, for example. But a crisis management team can also help deal with internal situations, where necessary. The team here at VerriBerri are an agency offering services such as crisis management in Essex. Today, we would like to discuss how best to mitigate crises. An agency is often the best wat to douse a fire, whether that be within your ranks, or besieging you from afar.

Don’t Make Kneejerk Decisions

Read that, read it and read it again. Then, read it once more just for good measure. Whatever has happened, no matter how severe, no matter how seemingly drastic it may be – don’t make kneejerk decisions. This is by far the most important aspect of crisis management. So many businesses sink not because of the ‘crisis’ itself, but the rash decisions that they’ve consequently made. Acting on impulses is rarely a good thing, save for in boxing perhaps. After all, a strategy is all very well and good until a sledgehammer of a left fist is coming straight for your jaw. Generally, it won’t do you or your business any good to do the first thing that comes to your mind.

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Unlike yourself, who may be too personally attached and entrenched within a business to think objectively, an agency will. They’ll take the dial from a 10 down to a 3 or 4, rather than yourself, who may, in the heat of the moment crank it up to 100; Spinal Tap style. This isn’t a case of diminishing your company’s crisis, or underestimating the severity of any situation, but no good comes from a frantic, adrenaline-fueled state of mind. Allowing some breathing room is a stratagem underused by most companies, and it’s why so many suffer catastrophic damage dealt to their reputation. Our agency offering crisis management in Essex will help divvy out some of that ‘step-back’ thinking, and you’ll see benefits as a result.

Keep Your Team In The Loop

Crises, more than any other time, call for honesty and transparency. If you’re to survive a serious crisis, you can’t expect to do so without the help of your team. By keeping open channels of communication at all times, and offering regular updates, you keep your team on-board. This method fosters a sense of solidarity amongst your employees, and a can-do attitude towards making it through the crisis.

Conversely, if you neglect to inform your team of what’s going on, you risk alienating them at a time where you need all the allies and friends you can. By getting through a situation together, you and your team will come out on the other side with much stronger personal bonds; which will improve workplace productivity and efficiency. So even if you don’t approach it purely from a humanistic, ‘doing the right thing’ approach, it makes good business sense to keep them onside. If you’re unused to this more open style of working; then consulting an agency offering crisis management in Essex is a good place to start.

Apply Consistency In The Aftermath

Another word you could use interchangeably with the word crisis in ‘crisis management’ is turmoil. During a crisis, everything is blown up into the air and you suddenly enter a world of flux, drastically different to the normal working routine of your business. In such times, the assertion of some consistency is paramount. You need to start building structure back into your day-by-day approach and that can start with something as simple as having a singular spokesperson who deals with the media.

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This can then extend to having update meetings at the same time every day, and by designating specific roles and responsibilities to your team members. In this way, everyone within your company knows where they stand and what part they have to play. This renewed consistency will also help ensure nothing slips through the cracks going forward; people will often forgive one mistake if genuine remorse is shown. If you become a repeat offender, however, you can pretty much say goodbye to any chance of keeping your reputation intact. It’s a hard truth, but it’s the truth.

Front Up To Any Mistakes You Have Made

Being firm and not being a pushover is an important trait of a successful business; you don’t want to be taking blame for things you haven’t done. But if you have made any mistakes, be honest about it, don’t try and slither your way around the issue, hoping that it will go away. It won’t. The sooner you acknowledge your business’ shortcomings with regards to the particular crisis, then the sooner people will be able to start the forgiving process. This is a vital process, the length of which should not be underestimated. It’s also important that you try and see things from other people’s perspectives and worldviews. What you think may not have been inappropriate to say, the whole world may disagree. That’s where calling in an agency offering crisis management in Essex can be so beneficial.

The current global climate is febrile; people are quick to chasten and instant to outrage. The upshot of this is that crises are becoming a much more regular occurrence than anyone would like. However, here at VerriBerri, we truly believe that no crisis is unsalvageable, there’ll be people who disagree, but they’re most likely those who were on the receiving end of a crisis managed poorly. So, if you’d like to find out more about our agency offering crisis management in Essex, then get in touch! crisis