Top Tips for Marketing Your Wedding Venue

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Top Tips for Marketing Your Wedding Venue

The summer of love is finally over, which means many engaged couples are now excitedly looking to plan their upcoming wedding. For most people, securing the wedding venue in advance, is at the top of the list.

Marketing your wedding venue can be challenging, especially when trying to stand out from your competitors. Thanks to social media and content marketing, selling the dream has never been so easy. 

Here’s a few top tips from VerriBerri, Essex marketing agency, on how you can market your wedding venue.

Get Social

Did you know 71% of businesses use Instagram as part of their social media marketing campaigns? Posting on social media with the relevant hashtags is the best way to promote your content. 

However, if you’re looking to increase your reach, why not try paid social media posts? Paid social media posts can work wonders for your campaigns as you can choose who you target based on age, gender and location. 

Improve Your Website

When couples search for a wedding venue, the first thing they will do is search for local venues in their area. While you may already have a website, it’s important to ensure it’s optimised for mobiles. 

Websites that are slow and unresponsive on phones will have an increased bounce rate; negatively affecting your organic SEO ranking. As a result, regularly updating and maintaining your website with a creative agency is vital to ensure your website works to its full potential and reaches the top of search engines. 

Get Creative With Content

As a wedding venue, there’s multiple opportunities to create fun and engaging content that couples will enjoy. If there’s one thing engaged couples love, it’s finding inspiration for their own special day. By creating unique content marketing, through blogs, interactive graphics and social media, you’ll be able to successfully attract wedding parties and increase revenue.

For wedding venues, coming up with a creative marketing strategy that helps you stand out from the crowd can be difficult. At VerriBerri, Essex marketing agency, we provide a variety of results-driven services that can successfully marketing your venue; including SEO, social media and PR. 

If you would like more information about marketing your wedding venue; get in touch with our Essex marketing agency today on 01376 386850