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Sectors Of The Travel & Tourism Industry Where A Marketing Company Is Beneficial.

The travel ‘industry’ incorporates a huge number of different sectors. In fact, more than anything it’s an umbrella term for travel products, agents, destinations, properties and many more other services. A constant of the industry, however, is the need for marketing. Whatever you do, the fact remains that you’re trying to entice people into using your service. Services that are often hundreds, even thousands of miles from where they’re based.

You need to hook them in before they’ve even left their home which is no easy feat. A travel marketing company has the know how to manage this in an entirely tailored and thorough way; a manner that’s appropriate to the particular service. The travel industry is simply too broad to approach with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Yet this is exactly how many businesses approach it. VerriBerri are a travel marketing company based in Essex; in this blog are a variety of different strategies that your company can utilise to succeed within the travel industry.

Let Social Media Lead People Where You Want

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For a lot of people, holidays are chosen with their eyes. We’re presented with a beautiful city skyline, panoramic views of a golden sands beach or a jaw-dropping Alpine vista, and we’re hooked. Just like that.

In short, in terms of travel destinations, visual marketing is absolutely essential. There’s a reason that so many people scroll through Wanderlust pictures on Instagram as they sit on their work lunchbreak… Social media allows travel businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and leisure experiences with a gift-wrapped opportunity to exceed.

Let’s use an example. Let’s say you run a 5-star eco-hotel in the heart of the Borneo jungle. You already have an incredible playground of opportunity, content wise. There isn’t even a need to invest in a fancy camera to secure your content; such is the quality of smartphones cameras now! Well-edited content consistently drip-fed over people’s social media feeds will go a long way towards securing custom for your business.

How does the old saying go? A picture can tell a thousand words. Sayings become sayings for a reason – because they’re true. Don’t neglect the plethora of visual opportunities that social media platforms such as Instagram afford you and your business. If you’re not social media savvy, then outsourcing to a travel marketing company that specialise in social media management makes good business sense.

A Travel Agent Can Benefit From PPC

If you’re an up-and-coming travel agent, yet to properly establish themselves, it can be hard to get yourself noticed. This is especially true given how competitive the travel agent sector is. After all, people will always want holidays!

PPC is a good way of making that first dent. A little bit of pay-per-click advertising can go a fairly long way. Early on in your business days, driving any kind of website traffic at this stage is vital. A well-constructed PPC campaign can go a long way towards making this a reality. PPC can be a minefield if you’ve not encountered it before; and whilst there are more entry-level options for those just dipping their toe into the water (smart campaigns, for example), the way to get the most out of PPC is to hire a marketing company with a specialist in-house PPC team in its ranks.

The benefits of using a unit of PPC specialists include: knowledge on keyword bidding, experience of how the different ad campaign types work and the importance of adgroup optimisation. Feeling lost? Consequentially, you should leave your paid advertising to us!

The Best Villa Around? Only If People Know About It!

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A beautiful property in the Tuscan hillside won’t last very long as a holiday home if no one knows it exists except the local farmer and his dog. In this instance, you’d want to find yourself ranking as the number one search result when you type in ‘beautiful Tuscan holiday home’. To get your holiday properties consistently ranking high up on Google’s SERPS, then you need to lay the groundwork with website SEO optimisation.

This includes compressing images, adding meta descriptions, and securing backlinks. Once you’ve optimised your website as best you can, you must then consistently update it and work on it. One of the best ways you can maintain your newly elevated ranking, is to create a blog page for your website. By writing a blog, you’re able to consistently create new, high-quality content for your site that features the keywords you want to rank for. Blog writing is an art form itself and lends itself well to the descriptive, emotive language needed to do your holiday property proper justice!

Place Your Travel Products With The Help Of PR

There’s a mad rush every year when summer comes around. As a result, there are a flurry of journalists and writers dashing madly about thinking up content and listicles of the travel products you can’t live without that year. With a PR team behind your product (maybe it’s a new environmentally friendly sun cream, for example) you can generate the right sort of noise around your product. A PR team can reach out to journalists and use their skills in writing to pitch why your product deserves that publication’s time. Exposure in leading online publications and news outlets is an extremely effective way of getting your travel product noticed. The PR team of a marketing company will ensure that your product takes off whilst your competitors are left stranded on the runway.

Travel is all about glamour, it’s about the exotic and the exciting. The travel industry offers us an escape from our more routine, day-to-day lives. It’s an industry ripe for marketing. So, if you’re a company housed within any of these sectors of the travel industry, then get in touch. Our marketing company would be delighted to help your business reach new, jet-setting heights! Call us now on 01376 386 850 to find out more.