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Marketing Brands effectively on social media

Tumblr Marketing agency

Today our Twitter and Tumblr marketing agency discuss why these two platforms are so important to your business.

Have you ever heard Twitter be referred to as ‘Twatter’? We have, usually by those who under the impression that people go on there to complain about their lives. Likewise, they also update you on what they had for breakfast and the weather forecast.

Twitter can undoubtedly be filled with garbage, but it is eminent to stress that you build these networks yourself. What you see, “re-Tweet” and “favourite” is built up entirely by you. This is where we come in. We know how to build these networks up so you can use them as a clever marketing strategy and increase your SEO.

Still dubious? Still believe Twitter is for people with far too much time on their hands? Consider this:

49% of people on Twitter “follow” companies, brands and products. 42% of Twitter users learn about products that later leads to a sale. 37% of Twitter users will purchase from a brand they follow. The average Twitter user follows 5+ businesses.

When you consider that nearly 646 million people use Twitter this could be a very good way to improve your SEO and marketing strategy.

Of course, your Twitter has to be fun, to clarify, no one wants to consistently hear about the deals or products you have to offer because it gets boring. You must make it creative, witty, a little bit inspirational. Finally, it is not a place to whinge about how “Bob burnt the dinner last night”.

The simple truth is people like to read positive things, just as they like to see and hear positivity in real life. It is a two-way system.

How to market on social media

Marketing is different for every brand, depending on the type of audience you are persuading to buy your product or service. Marketers must follow the social context and culture of the time.

This ultimately decides on the type of social media you should use.

As technology has flourished so has the use of the Internet and the development and foundation of social media networking sites.

Personal blogs and other spaces for individuals to use and share knowledge, expertise and statuses follow the development of trends which hit the population hard. For example, the oh-so-lovable Facebook ‘memes’ which are even seen on t-shirts nowadays.

Our Twitter and Tumblr marketing agency quickly twigged that social networks provide excellent grounds for a new marketing strategy.

You can share, advertise, promote and sell products and services. Plus create ideas and develop your company personality, all whilst building up a database and your SEO.

Our Twitter and Tumblr marketing agency specializes in managing your business on social networking sites to increase their popularity and customer base, so, in turn, your SEO and your sales increase.

It is also important to consider which type of social media networking site would be the most efficient way of marketing your business. Refer to recent research which has determined the main demographics for each of these sites when you do this.

Tumblr is well known by people as being the ‘indie’, ‘hipster’ or ‘rad’ blog. People think it is favoured by angst-y teenage girls who blog pictures of emotive quotes and Disney princesses but did you know…

Of 102 million blogs, 52% of all Tumblr users are males, and 46.5% are 18 to 34 years old. That’s right 34! 3% of Tumblr users are in their 50’s+ but the number of people in this age demographic is increasing. Surprisingly, as are the number of businesses who use Tumblr as part of their marketing strategy.

Tumblr’s list of categories of blogs includes ‘Business’ and whilst most popular or ‘trending’ are featured most eminently, people do have an option to search. They can do this to look for a particular company, so anyone looking for a specific product would be silly not to browse. Just as you would be silly not to promote your business here as part of your marketing strategy.

Tumblr is the perfect option for any business in retail, garden, housing, furniture, fashion, art, photography and other similar industries. This is as it creates a visual focal point for an audience which is interesting and innovative.

This means that using Tumblr as part of a marketing strategy is not suited to every business. However, it is aimed at business with a unique USP and a more niche audience to appeal to.

Social media network sites become more eminent in the land of marketing every single day…. Photography is the language of now!

For more help or knowledge in this area feel free to contact our Tumblr marketing agency. No question is silly, we would love to help.