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Twitter Marketing for Businesses

Twitter Marketing for Businesses. As the best marketing and PR agency in Essex, we guarantee to build and connect with your target audience using our expert knowledge of social media. 

Compared to other successful social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is considered an enigma. This is especially true when it comes to engagement. You can be left feeling lost and inadequate when you see your competitors gain more followers than you. Even more so if they seem to be posting similar content to yourself. The content team at VerriBerri, social media marketing Essex, have come together to share their secrets on running a successful Twitter account.

What is Twitter? 

For those that don’t know, Twitter is a social networking platform where users can post short and concise thoughts up to the limit of 280 characters. There is an average of 336 million monthly active users that share and post content on the micro-blogging app; with these figures in mind, there is potentially a large audience which you can begin to appeal to.

Setting up your profile 

First impressions are extremely important, and this rule applies to your Twitter profile. If you’re a business, you’re going to want to make sure that your display picture, cover photo and bio describes exactly who you are and what you do.

Tweet consistently 

This may seem a bit like an obvious one, however with 6,000 tweets being published every second, you’re going to want to make sure that you stay relevant by posting consistently. The content team at VerriBerri, social media marketing Essex, recommend posting at least once a day. People aren’t going to want to follow an account that rarely tweets. As a side note, be careful not to go overboard on hashtags as people will think it’s spam. Twitter Marketing for Businesses would recommend sticking to 3 hashtags per tweet.

Utilise retweets 

Giving somebody a retweet not only alerts them of your account. It also encourages them to view your profile. If you retweet content which is like yours, it’s a quick and easy way to gain followers; and increase your engagement.

Twitter has 500 million accounts and 135,000 new users signing up to the site every day. It’s a great place to connect with your target audience and show just how unique your company is. But how exactly can you make sure it works?

Twitter encourages users to post and interact with others by “tweets” that are restricted to 140 characters. Within this, you can include links to any content you create such as photos, videos or webpages.

Twitter offers users a fresh chance to connect with customers. Unlike other social media tools, Twitter allows you to very quickly read, reply and share tweets with your followers. It also lets you share content with your audience at the same time as the post is tweeted unlike Facebook which uses the EdgeRank filter to space out status updates on follower’s feeds.

So how exactly can you use Twitter as a business?

Using Lists.

As a business, you will begin to follow a lot of people to gain a following. These people could be customers, suppliers or peers whose tweets you are interested in. However, by following such a mixture of people your Twitter will soon be full of messages and it will be hard to fish out the important ones.

If you don’t want to miss anything out, build Twitter lists and organise who you follow by placing them into separate lists such as ‘customers’. This allows you to group only the important people you follow so they don’t get lost in your feed. 

Raising Brand Awareness.

As a Twitter marketing agency, we understand the importance of raising brand awareness and Twitter is one way to do this. Before you start tweeting the unique elements of your business, you must upload a profile picture and header. Considering your image appears next to every tweet you share, people will start to see you on their feed and associate you with the tweets you’re posting. We recommend using your business logo which fits the square profile picture size and is readable.

Making Twitter Useful

Twitter is often seen as being ‘just another platform’. However, when put to good use it can benefit your business and help you meet your business goals. Giveaways and contests that only require people to “retweet” your post are a great way of getting your name out there without paying to advertise your competition. For example, if you’re looking to sell your brand new perfume, you could have customers retweet the post to win a sample of the new fragrance.

Although the rate of users setting up new Twitter accounts may be dwindling, the popularity of the social media channel is still very high. The platform has continuously changed and adapted to accommodate more business focussed purposes, away from the more casual user. With Twitter being such an important tool for companies, you can see why the site may introduce features to entice even more business interactions.

Twitter’s ‘Promote Mode’

Twitter has an advertising tool, specifically focussed on small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as a method to enhance their presence on the network. They have labelled the subscription ‘Promote Mode’, which costs £75 per month and is designed to help brands attract more followers and increase the reach of their tweets, through automatic boosting of updates. Twitter claim that this feature should lead to SMEs “gaining followers and reaching a broader influence every month”.

Is paid promotion the way to go for Twitter marketing for businesses?

Although promoted tweets will naturally lead to more ‘sharing’ and therefore enhanced exposure for your business, you will incur some costs in doing so and VerriBerri marketing agency Essex believe that this isn’t necessarily the best solution to build your presence. Not only this, but as an SME this could be a drain on resources that would be detrimental to your profit margin. Also, you still have to produce engaging content even with this advertising tool, which can be a headache!

How Twitter Marketing for Businesses can help

Our Twitter marketing for businesses agency has implemented strategies both for ourselves and for our clients since 2009. As such, we are incredibly experienced at handling the platform. Our Twitter service can enhance your exposure without having to pay for additional promotion, to guarantee an increased profile through organic means, here are some things VerriBerri can do:

  • Build a loyal following. We carefully research the area your business is situated. From here, we target a group of individuals that will be interested in what you have to say. There’s no use having a mass following who have little interest in your content.
  • Approachable communication. People don’t go on Twitter to have products, services and business jargon thrown at them. Instead we take a more personable approach that engages your followers into a conversation, which is more likely to convert them into a consumer of your business in future.
  • Exploiting Twitter’s features. VerriBerri’s social media team research suitable hashtags, Twitter hours and awareness days, as well as ensuring we use the platform when your target audoience does.

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be as daunting as everyone makes out.

You should recognise that cracking the social media nut takes time and dedication. Your content needs to be relevant, you need to engage with your audience and you need to post consistently. If you have a busy schedule and you struggle to post consistently you can rely on scheduling tools. 

What are social scheduling tools?

Scheduling tools can be a great way to save you time. They simply allow you to create content and then schedule it for a certain date. If you’re looking at your social media strategy, you may want to consider making use of scheduling tools.

However, not all social media scheduling tools are suitable for everyone and they all have different functions. But, how do you choose the right one to suit you? The best two apps for Twitter, in our opinion, are below.

TweetDeck: If you’re looking for a beginner friendly interface which allows you to schedule tweets, then TweetDeck is your tool. In a nutshell, TweetDeck allows you to queue tweets across multiple accounts. This is perfect for when you want to stay consistent over the weekend or holiday seasons.

Buffer: Bufferis the ultimate scheduling tool if you’re an entrepreneur or blogger as it enables you to schedule multiple posts across multiple platforms. This is the perfect opportunity to optimise your content as Buffer gives you an insight into your highest-performing posts.

Twitter marketing for businesses can be incredibly time consuming. If you would like to find out more information, click here to get in touch.